Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Still nothing

Well it's been a while since I posted here, but nothing major has happened. After I got laid off, I figured I couldn't afford to keep my house, so I set up to move out and sell it. I've been staying at a friend's place, hoping to find a new job, but not finding anything concrete. I can't stay here forever, though, so I'm not sure what I will do. Will I end up staying with someone else and looking for jobs somewhere else? I guess I'll see.

It's taken a long time, but my house finally sold a couple weeks ago. I ended up losing money on it, but at least it wasn't too much, and now I'm free of the mortgage and utility bills.

My unemployment benefits ran out several weeks ago. All along I've been making occasional withdrawals from my "retirement account" (as if there'll come a day I could retire) to meet my obligations. At least selling the house helps make sure I'll be draining that much more slowly.

I guess I've also felt like doing more lately. Without worrying about the house all the time, lately I've felt more like studying and learning things again, and working on personal projects again. I'm still applying for whatever jobs I can. I actually got some temporary work a few weeks ago... but I've never been contacted back for more work nor have I been paid. So that's fun.

One positive thing about this year has been getting health insurance once again, thanks to Obamacare. Little did I know, when the issue first came up all those years ago, that I'd be one of the people benefiting from it. Since I hadn't been on medication for a while, my blood pressure apparently shot up to dangerously high levels. My new doctor was so worried, she immediately sent me to the emergency room to stabilize my blood pressure before setting me on prescriptions again.

It was only after all that blood pressure stuff that I was finally able to address my sleep problems, which felt like they were getting way worse recently. Like, falling asleep while driving. Sleeping maybe 2/3rds of the day sometimes. After two sleep studies, it was determined I still had sleep apnea despite my deviated septum surgery all those years ago, and that I needed a BiPAP machine (instead of a CPAP). While health insurance has gotten me this far, it unfortunately won't help with the cost of that... But I should be getting it in about two weeks.

For now though, Lulu and I are still here... Helping my roommate when I can, making small progress with my life when I can.
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