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Further Away

So I got laid off again!

Brief recap: Last year around April, I was laid off due to lack of money at the office. Things sucked for a while, but I had enough money to make it through for a bit. And although unemployment benefits were not enough to cover things, combined with my other funds, I was able to stay afloat a while. The job hunt was going horribly, but luckily enough for me, the office was able to re-hire me after two months. I thought, well, I better try studying so I can be a better job prospect in case this happens again, but I should be safe for a little while...

Turned out that "little while" was just over a year. Two weeks ago, just as I was preparing to go out to eat somewhere (the EXACT same scenario as last year), the boss called to say I was being laid off again. Because they ran out of money again. They were expecting big money from two sources, one of which they'd been waiting on SINCE THE LAST TIME I WAS LAID OFF, and the other was a government job that had its funding cut due to the government sequester.

When people chant "Cut government spending!", it would be nice if it cut, you know, the enormous salaries for the people in Congress that made the sequester happen in the first place. But no, it "trickles down" to people like me, who aren't even government employees...

Anyway, I am in way worse shape than last year. After I got my job back, I was eventually doing well enough to be able to afford to go on trips again, but I still had a few debts to pay off. I've also been trying to help out other people who needed it. But whatever the case, at the moment, it left me with almost no money. Of course I had to be laid off the day AFTER I started sending extra payments to whittle down my bills. I figured I wouldn't be able to coast by until they offered to re-hire me again, and I didn't think I would ultimately be able to keep the house I am living in. So I figured I'd lost everything, including everything I ever invested into the house, and I'd have to get rid of it all and move on.

It may not be that dire, though... Some friends told me about the idea of hiring a rental company to rent out my home, then use that to pay off the mortgage each month. So I'd remain owner of the place, even if I couldn't live there. So for the past two weeks, I've been trying to get that rolling, and it looks like we're on the way.

I still had to get rid of a lot of stuff. Last weekend I had a garage sale and I tried to get rid of everything... DVDs, games, collectibles, clothes, etc. Luckily I got rid of most of the bulky things and almost all the furniture in the house. Tonight there's even someone coming to buy the expensive speakers I bought three years ago, though since it's a relatively high amount of money, I'm a little worried something shady might go down. I really want to haunt my old office, I really do.

Everything's gone. One of the beds is gone, and I'm getting rid of the other one. The TV is gone, which is a real shame. A lot of my old media collection is gone, but I can probably rebuild it someday, if I can ever feel safety and security again. Tables, chairs, couch, everything gone. But at least I sold enough I think I can handle another month of the mortgage if we can't find a renter soon enough.

Work really screwed me over this time. I know I should have had a safety cushion saved up, but I've never had a significant amount of money in savings. If I wasn't lending money out to people who needed it, I was paying off old credit card debts. Every single dollar was used every single month. And the funny thing is, before that phone call, I actually thought my situation was looking good. I'd have been able to pay off some of those monthly bills and had more money for myself each month and been more comfortable overall. But every time you think you're about to climb out of that hole, someone kicks you back in.

Anyway... I have to leave my house, but it may work out okay in the end. Friends have offered me places to stay and alerted me to possible job prospects. I've lost so much, but it may be a good shot at a new start. It's been an incredibly stressful two weeks, but I'm struggling through thanks to the support from everyone.

Oh yeah and I guess I've been playing Animal Crossing lately too
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