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Ugh, looks like I've been away for a while. Things have been busy lately.

Since cutting ties with the folks last year, I decided I would try to move. Northern California was my choice since it's the place I've most enjoyed living, and prices have really gone down since I last lived there about 10 years ago (though it's still expensive). It seemed to be the best place for health issues like my sinuses.

But that didn't work out. Though I've been trying to get things packed and cleaned and fixed up around the house, I got around to talking to my realtor and she explained the market is not looking good right now. Crunching the numbers, I would walk away with no money in my pocket, meaning I wouldn't be able to afford a new place, no matter how cheap. So I guess I'm stuck here for a while as I wait for things to improve (and they are improving, slowly).

January was the long-planned trip to Hawaii with Shelby, and it was an awesome trip! Kind of worth losing touch with my folks to visit my homeland with one of my best friends. Shelby was still living with her parents, and really wanted to move out on her own, so sort of on a whim she ended up moving in with me. We were both hoping to find better opportunities in California, but that'll just have to wait a while...

I have been so broke this year, which is part of the reason why home improvements have taken so long. But I think things are slowly getting better. Not where I want to be right now, so I guess I just have to keep working on it...
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