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Getting fun

The Wii U launch event weekend was a lot of fun! It started out pretty rocky, though. When I arrived in NYC, I thought I'd just take a bus and ride the subways from the airport to Times Square. And this WOULD have worked perfectly, except when I got to the subway station, it said the trains I needed to get into Manhattan were not operational ONLY FOR THAT WEEKEND. I spent days reading up on routes and trains to take and all of it was useless because of those changes. I eventually got to Times Square but it took hours longer than it should've and I got lost along the way. I also got lost trying to find Nintendo World! I kinda felt like I was dying, because I guess I didn't eat or drink anything all day until I finally made it to my destination.

The wait for the midnight launch was fun, though! Like previous occasions, Nintendo came out with snacks and free goods, including hats, which seemed geared especially for out-of-towners like myself who underestimated how cold it would feel. They had people wearing giant masks, dressed up like Miis, to prance about and entertain us. They had grilled cheese sandwiches and hot drinks! It all made the wait easier.

However, once midnight hit, it was a different story. Everybody not directly involved with selling Wii U systems went home. And there was some kind of problem with the line interfering with Good Morning America or something, so for a full hour, people past a certain point in the line DID NOT MOVE AT ALL. It felt so terrible and was colder than anything before midnight. But eventually things got moving again and we all finally got to make our purchases.

We were staying in a cool hotel (even if it was super small and kinda lacked privacy), but we couldn't hook anything up to the TV. It wasn't until we left that I saw they offered "TV hookup equipment" at the desk... But I guess it was just as well, since we were short on time as it was. We walked around the rest of Times Square which was lots of fun! I got tons of StreetPasses on my 3DS, as many as I would have gotten from an organized meetup. Even from other countries! It was just tons of fun to visit NYC again and hang out with friends I hadn't seen in a while.

After I got home, I set off on another trip! I had absolutely nothing to do for Thanksgiving so Shelby invited me over to her family's place. It was relatively close so I just drove there. Actually, flying would've been cheaper than the gas for the car, but I had my dog boarded for the NYC trip and I wanted to be able to travel with her and I wasn't prepared to fly with her. Also, I was planning to ask Shelby's family to look after the dog during the Hawaii trip, since I have no friends at all near me, so I thought it was a good time to get her used to the place.

It was super cold and kinda lacking Internet but it was lots of fun! We went to a relative's place for a huge Thanksgiving dinner and I brought the Wii U and people LOVED it! We played Nintendo Land and the kids were addicted to Mario Chase. Some of the kids were super young and couldn't understand any of the other games, but just about everybody got Mario Chase. It was just really cool and fun.

I only got back home this week Sunday. It feels good to be back, but it does feel kinda blah at the same time. A few months ago, I was packing up my things because I was afraid I would lose my house. Now I feel like maybe I'll be moving in another year or two, so I'm trying to keep working on packing. I'm trying hard to organize things and pack things well, like throwing out everything I really don't need to keep, eliminating empty space, balancing box loads, etc. I'm going for near-perfect packing this time!!

Maybe if things go well I can sell my house and move next summer. But I'm not really set on it, so it's no big deal if things don't work out on that timeline. I've been thinking northern California is the best place for me... The weather really suited me and it had just about everything I wanted! After that super cold Thanksgiving trip I feel like I really need to be someplace like northern California, which is where I lived in my college years... It was great there!
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