Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,


So a weird thing happened a couple weeks ago. Almost two months after I was laid off my old job for budget reasons, they called wanting to re-hire me. Though they said they made a lot of cuts around the office and were getting new contracts, I know the biggest factor in my re-hiring was the fact one of the other programmers left.

Not only did it work out well for me, but it was also a smart move, I'm sure. I'm relieved to be getting a regular paycheck again, but I'm not too confident in my future with this company. It feels like I still need to keep searching for new jobs and trying to improve my skillset. It's just really disappointing that I never really heard back from any of the job applications I sent out over the past weeks...

Anyway, I'm currently in that awkward transition phase where I can't collect unemployment anymore but I still haven't seen my first paycheck yet. But things should be back on track soon.
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