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Not much new. Still haven't found a new job yet, though this was the first week I actually heard back from some! Just some follow-up questions that didn't seem to go anywhere.

Also, still doing work for the old job and not getting paid for it. I'm supposed to be on a consultant, hourly wage basis, but of course they haven't given me the proper paperwork to actually request pay for it yet. Oh well, it'll make taxes easier if I don't actually get paid, right?

But I did finally start getting state unemployment benefits. The kicker for me was how, instead of a check, it was on a prepaid debit card through Chase. And of course, if you use your card wrong, your benefits get whittled away by fees going to a private bank. WHAT FUN. I can't wait to be able to get Chase out of my life again.

At least I finally got around to closing my local bank account. 2012 is still the year we ditch our bank accounts, right? Didn't think it'd be under these circumstances, but hey... If I don't get a direct deposit each month, they charge a fee. Luckily I have an ING account now, which seems to provide everything I need. And I got more interest in one month (16 cents!) than I have at any other bank in the past decade COMBINED.

Without much else to do, I've been trying to fix up the house in case I need to sell it. If I find a job and can hang onto it, at least it'll be a nicer place? But if it does come to it, a fresh coat of paint sure helps it move a bit quicker.

I've been playing a lot of 3DS lately. Usually on the weekends, I drive around to find places to get StreetPasses. If I'm lucky, there's a meetup or a local con I can sneak into for some guaranteed hits. Two weekends ago I got a bunch of rare pink puzzle pieces in Mii Plaza! And last weekend I was able to stroll around the local Dallas Comic Con for a good number more StreetPasses. I managed to get 7 of the 8 pink pieces for the newest puzzle, which surprised me. Since it was so new, I expected pink pieces to be almost impossible to get!

Also, last weekend, Adam West was a guest and I was able to get a photo taken with him! He was really nice and said hi and tried to engage in small talk, but the photographer of course had to keep people moving at a rapid pace so I didn't have time to say anything. The picture actually got me looking decent, which is rare, and it caught him in this weird open-mouth pose that I just found hilarious.

Soon there'll be another local convention. I went there last year and got hundreds of StreetPasses (and I was able to complete EVERY single puzzle available at that time). And since it's in separate buildings, I know I can grab StreetPasses without actually paying to enter the con as people will be crossing the street all the time.

So... things are rough but still hanging in there. If things keep going like this I'll probably need to sell the house and move back in with the parents. Then maybe I can return to studying and start my career over from scratch. Shocking, but people aren't really looking to hire someone who's been working Visual Basic for 7 years.
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