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A while ago I tried the trial version of what is now Windows Home Server 2011... Back then it was named "Vail" and I really liked it. But when it went to a full product, it removed Drive Extender, which allowed you to easily add hard drives at any time while maintaining a level of data recovery. So rather than get started with WHS 2011 right away, I decided to wait until I got a few more hard drives so I could get the space I wanted from the start...

Just recently I considered buying those hard drives I wanted to get, but it seemed like too much to be spending right now. But then I reconsidered... Maybe I could get by with fewer than I originally planned. With that, I found I had enough parts lying around to actually get started on my project. And thanks to a friend, I had a serial number to use for the OS, so I was all set to go!

So on Friday I repurposed my old Media Center PC (back when Media Center was a separate thing from regular Windows) for a new install of WHS 2011. The idea was to have one old hard drive serve as the boot drive, and three other large drives in a RAID 5 array, so I'd have a roughly 4TB drive with data recovery in case one of the drives in the array died. I was going to use the motherboard's RAID, but for some reason it wasn't working right and only saw the array as a 2000GB array (with three 1800GB drives connected). So I switched to using the built-in Windows software version of RAID... which gave me the proper size but is pretty slow.

The RAID array has been "resynching" all this time and starts over whenever the machine resets. So I had to disable automatic updating for the time being. It may finish in a day or so... But other than that, the WHS is looking great! Can't wait for the resynching to finish so I can start moving and organizing files. I really miss my old WHS.

Other than that... Right now Xbox Live is running a promotion where you get free MS points if you do certain things with your Xbox 360 in the month of April. Some of the easier tasks are watching 1 hour of YouTube on your Xbox, and 10 hours of Netflix... I didn't have a Netflix subscription at the time since I usually watch live TV, but there was another promotion for Netflix in the Avengers game on Facebook so I was able to take advantage of that as well...

Been using the trial to catch up with some anime! Finally got around to watching Angel Beats and High School of the Dead. Angel Beats was great and I'm really enjoying HOTD! Even if the zombie thing is played out by now, it's still good and better than I expected. I have quite a few series to catch up on...
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