Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Working out

Feeling up, feeling down. Lately I've been trying to plan things out a bit more. When I applied for a Sears card this year, I was pleasantly surprised by how much credit they gave me (otherwise, couldn't have gotten a new fridge!), so I thought maybe I could make a better effort at eliminating some debt.

So I got a credit card with one of those promotional no-interest periods and I'm trying to transfer and manage balances and such. I think it's working out! And I have a bit of a buffer in case unexpected expenses pop up.

Also got a referral to open up an account with ING Direct so maybe I can set a little bit aside and start saving! For the past couple years it's felt like I've been really scraping by no matter how much I tried cutting extra expenses and buying fewer unnecessary things. But now I'm starting to feel like I might finally have some breathing room? We'll see, I guess!

Not much else really going on. Nice having a dog around now. Started getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh again and kind of shocked that I've been sort of out of it for two or three years now...? It feels almost like neglecting a child or something. Also trying to work on the garden these days. Hoping to get a bunch of bamboo sometime soon.
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