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So by now I'm sure everyone's heard about the ad for Republican Hoekstra attacking his opponent, Debbie Stabenow. It has an Asian woman riding a bicycle past a rice paddy and saying to the camera something like, "Thanks for spending so much you have to borrow from my country! Your country get weak while my country get strong. Tee hee!" Yeah, an Asian-looking woman speaking broken English yet with an American accent.

My head was just hot with rage when I saw this commercial. And I know, like Chris Hayes said, you kind of hate to talk about it because you just know it's trolling. They WANT this attention for this horrible, racist ad. But it's just been weighing on my mind all day and I can't get over it.

The very first thing that came to my mind watching this commercial was being reminded of the day after 9/11. I was walking to or from school, and a car drove past me. Someone threw a soda can at me and yelled, "Go home!!" I was just in utter shock because that was the first time in my life I ever felt unwelcome in my own home.

Maybe a lot of it was luck. I grew up in Hawaii, where just about everybody is Asian of some sort. I lived in upstate New York for a while, where you might expect to feel unwelcome, but I was treated as more of a curiosity than anything else. Like, hey, it's the one person in the school with black hair! And at the time of 9/11, I was living in Northern California, which not only felt pretty diverse but was also very chill in general.

But yeah. Go home! I had never experienced anything like that before. I'll never shake that feeling. And that's exactly what I felt when I saw that ad.

That's why I got so mad at Glenn Beck for his whole "let's go back to 9/12" thing. 9/12 was a crap day. I want to go back to 9/10. 9/12 was a great day for selling American flags, but not so much togetherness like Beck believed. Maybe togetherness against foreigners, yeah... But I felt like America was more together the day before 9/11. I feel like I could actually feel happy back then, but afterwards nothing was ever safe again. Like stepping from the rainbow land of Oz to the black and white world of Kansas. It always depresses me that we can never, ever go back to that time again. Something truly died on 9/11.

These are all the feelings that get mixed up in me as I think about that ad. I just can't settle myself down. There's just something boiling inside and I don't know how to direct it. I just have to hope it fades away.

This is why I feel like the modern Republican party just needs to disappear. It's just deteriorated to the point it's no longer a real political party. They've whittled away their own platform so much that they no longer have anything solid to stand on, so they're left with nothing else to cling to but stuff like this. I'm sorry, there's just no more of this "Well both sides are equally bad" nonsense. Democrats aren't always saints but they don't even compare.

Republicans like to look back fondly on Reagan and Lincoln but they share so little in common with TODAY'S Republican party that you cannot call them Republican by today's standards.

It's just... They so consistently run on President Obama being "different" from the rest of us. He's black. He's Kenyan! He's... Hawaiian? He's muslim! Latino people are scary to them. LGBT people are scary to them. Unions and poor people and even women are a threat to them. What the heck do they have left?? And now, just to top it off, they have to throw the Asians under the bus as well.

To me it feels like... Is this really what the Republican party was supposed to be about? I feel like they let their own creation get out of control and they didn't mean to be this way. It's like, you can be feeling really happy, but if you force yourself to wear a scowl all day, eventually you end up actually getting angry. They just went along with their own play for too long until it consumed them and there was no turning back.

I thought maybe typing this all up would make me feel better, but no, I'm still fuming inside. I'm about to break down into laughter at how ridiculous this is. It's so sad. Civility, logic, rationality, and honor are crumbling all around us. No game can be worth winning so much that it's worth sinking to these levels.

I'm just waiting for the ad that says, "Me tax and spend you long time."
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