Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Feels like it's been a rough couple of weeks but things are looking okay now.

So I heard if you filed your taxes before January 26, your refund would get delayed a week due to checking for fraud or something. Doesn't really make a lot of sense, but of course I filed mine on the 25th. So instead of getting it this past week, it'll probably get here by the 8th.

Feel like I'm getting more used to Lulu's habits and stuff. Luckily it hasn't gotten too cold lately, even with all the rain. It also seems like she prefers to curl up in a corner or next to a wall, so I've tried moving some of the bedding and the electric blanket.

Haven't been playing a lot of games lately. Kind of neglected Skyrim for a bit until today... But since I've been consistently walking Lulu with my 3DS, I saved up a ton of play coins and had enough to finish a playthrough of Find Mii 2! ...Or so I thought. Looks like I'll be saving more coins for a bit.

I THOUGHT I was starting to StreetPass more people around here. Three times in a row, I managed to go out and StreetPass a different person each time. But it seemed odd... For one thing, the third person I met gave my Mii a "fantastic" rating. I thought it took three meetings to get something like that? First, you meet. Then, you meet again and can give the other person the rating. Then, you meet and receive the rating. Then I realized... all three Miis I met were from the same person. He just changed his Mii each time...

I thought it was weird that the Mii name was always lower case, and that its motto was always a language like "english" or "spanish". Well, there goes my hopes of meeting more 3DS players around here.

I tried a bacon shake from Jack in the Box today. It really reminds me of Beggin' Strips or some other bacon-flavored dog treat. Still a bit unnerved by how it's technically vegetarian. Can't say I'm a big fan, but it wasn't horrible... Don't know if I can have any more, though.

Ah well. Things felt great for the first half of January and now things are feeling really bleh. Maybe things'll feel better when I get that tax refund and pay off some bills? My main focus has been to pay off the bill for the new carpet I got last year, since I'm almost up on my "one year without interest" deal. Of course, if I don't pay it off in time, I get charged interest for the original balance from day 1, which my bills helpfully inform me is about $300. So that'll be nice to take care of...

Just have to keep pushing forward...
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