Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

It's Pups

The trip to pick up the dog went well. The plan was to meet in Albuquerque, and we got there early so we drove around the old place a bit. My mother owns an undeveloped lot of land there, and we got to check it and see that it is still in the middle of nowhere.

We visited the old neighbors, and I thought it was odd I wasn't getting any messages from anybody... I figured I should reboot my phone just to be safe, and sure enough, I received a message that Lulu's owners would be there "in 50 minutes". But since the phone wasn't getting a signal before, I didn't know when the "50 minutes" was in reference to, so we just picked up my stuff and headed for the meeting place.

We got some gas and actually ended up arriving at the meeting place SECONDS after Lulu's owners. Nice timing! Then it was a quick departure for everyone as well all headed home. We got back around 5 AM.

Lulu seems to be doing well here! She's eating and sleeping a lot and is pretty mellow. It's nice having a dog around again!
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