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So far, this young new year feels full of chaos. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but things so far just seem so full of change.

There was that exercise bike to replace the old one I used to have. There's the new fridge the replace the not-quite-working old one. And just yesterday I finally went out and replaced my phone, too! I don't know if I got suckered, but it may just be I'll be paying less each month for my cell phone plan, too.

My old phone was nice, but... I was having problems with reception and volume. The touch screen would often go haywire. And perhaps most aggravatingly of all, the charge port got damaged so it was getting increasingly difficult by the day to get the phone to charge. The charger would be connected, yet... it wouldn't think so. It was getting on in years, but aside from these physical problems, it was still a neat phone...

But I went ahead and upgraded to an HTC Radar 4G. A Windows Phone!! I'd been really interested in one for a while, and I'm glad I finally went for it. The interface just feels so slick and futuristic, and it was great how I could not only connect to my Xbox Live profile, but also my GOOGLE account (instantly making it as useful as an Adroid) as well as the usual Facebook and Twitter. So all that time I spent cleaning my Google Contacts wasn't wasted.

And I also like the "linked accounts"... Even if I can't connect everyone's every account through Google Contacts, my phone lets me link accounts manually. So, if you have a personal Twitter account as well as a professional one, I can link them together to the same profile with your number and e-mail... and select which icon I'd like to use, or supply my own, as expected. It all feels so clean and efficient!

There are still lots of things I need to get used to. Since I have T-Mobile, I have a T-Mobile TV thing that's not directly tied to this particular phone (though it costs $10 outside of the trial period...). And there's this "Xbox Companion" app for Windows phones that lets the phone interact with an Xbox 360. So much cool stuff! But most of all, it WORKS

And as I was driving home with my new purchase, I was informed that a friend of a friend's dog needed a new home. So, it looks like I'll be taking in a dog next week! It's an older dog, and I'm not sure how it's gonna work out, but it'll be nice to have a dog again and help someone out at the same time.

I wasn't sure if I'd be ready for a new dog, but I think I'm not un-ready. And you'll never ever really be 100% ready for something like this, right? It's probably good practice for the future. I had been wanting to get a dog for a while, even if conditions aren't ideal. So let's just roll with it! Sometimes you can't just plan; you have to take things as they come.

So, chaos. If that's the theme for this year, it seems kind of exciting. Bad changes can come with good, though... But either way, aren't things more interesting?
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