Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

A good day

Woke up feeling sick today. Feel like it's been a while since the last time. But while I was feeling kind of crummy today, things have been pretty good! The new refrigerator arrived today, and it's a huge improvement over the old one. The freezer and ice maker work, which alone is a huge plus. It's also great how it feels like I have so much more space, even if it's roughly the same volume as the old fridge.

Also went out for dinner with the folks today. Turned out we're all feeling a bit sick! But it was still great to go out for some barbecue at Texas Roadhouse. Even if it's not the healthiest food, it still feels good to get something hearty in you.

Today is the first business day of the new year. Back to work! Things are still slow at my office, though. But hey, cards and things are still trickling in from the holiday season. I'm glad to be making some new friends from Shelby's graduation party!

Have to say I'm happy with today. And even though I'm sick, it feels pretty mild. Here's hoping it clears up quickly!
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