Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Lately I've been feeling excited for the new year! I really feel like I can shed off last year and really improve things now.

With a little help, I was able to get a new exercise bike. The old one was a clearance item I got for $99 and barely worked. I mean, you could get on it and pedal, but there was no way to increase resistance at all. Actually, you COULD try to increase the resistance, but it didn't actually work... Anyway, that old thing was deemed broken and left behind when I left the old house.

This new one is a million times better! It IS capable of changing resistance, and it even has those fancy digital routines and things and speakers for a music player and everything. So that seemed like a really good get!

And again, with a little help, I should be getting a new refrigerator soon!! Wow! My current fridge was a "loaner" from my folks. When I first moved in, there was no fridge, so my folks gave me their old one. I had to pay some guy to help me haul it over, and I think in the process it bumped some things out of alignment and started breaking down.

The temperature would just fluctuate sometimes. It got to the point that I couldn't reliably keep things in the freezer because sometimes it got so warm that things would melt. Also, the ice dispenser stopped working and I never figured out why. Parts of the mechanism would sometimes just FALL OFF. I think maybe at some point the ice cubes it made melted and re-froze in a weird way that jammed something.

Anyway... To be able to get my own new fridge finally is going to be great!! My folks actually don't want their old fridge back now so this one is going to the junker, I guess.

I just feel like I'm doing more and planning to do more now. I'm cleaning out the junk upstairs a little, tidying things up, replacing broken things. Things can improve, I think! I'm going to make things better this year than last year.
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