Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Out with the old

I am so glad 2011 will be coming to an end soon. I suppose not much truly changes with the new year, but it's still refreshing to think of it as a new start.

Two things stand out to me from this past year: visiting friends in Colorado earlier this year and visiting more friends for Shelby's graduation. Most of the rest of the year was just a grueling slog. I mean, I look at the prices of things I buy regularly at the grocery store, and I can actually see them jump by 50 cents, a dollar, two dollars... It really feels like it's costing more to live on less these days.

2011 felt like a year of stagnation. The heat wave this summer sure didn't help the feeling of not being able to do anything! But despite that, I still managed to get a few things done this year. The new carpet at the start of the year was probably the biggest thing. And I've tried adding new plants this year, not to mention just trying to keep them alive... And I was still able to make those two trips this year, which were well worth it. So as bad as things are, I'm still doing well.

I guess I have high hopes for 2012. I'm hoping things can still improve, even if it has to be an even slower pace than before. If I can work on paying off some debt (like for the aforementioned new carpet...), it may be a little easier to make ends meet the rest of the year. And maybe I can even make a couple more trips happen!

And then there's the fact 2012 is a big election year. A few months ago, this fact alone would have sunken my mood, but lately I've been seeing signs of hope here as well. I run into more and more regular people, people who aren't political junkies, saying how they are just fed up with the sheer ridiculousness of the current Republican party. I feel like they have pushed things way too far to the extremes, so normal people are really "getting it" and maybe everything can move a bit closer to sanity. I have hope!

So, in summary, 2011 was a rough year highlighted by some great times with friends. Here's hoping 2012 will be a little less tough and will see even more good times.
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