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Sick things

So yesterday, on her lunch break, my mother called to say she talked to my step-father and found out he wasn't able to pee all day. So she wanted me to go check on him and take him to the hospital or something.

Of course he didn't want to go anywhere. He didn't want to see any doctor about it ever, since he started off not being able to pee at all, but later he was able to pee a TINY bit, so he was like "Hey, road to recovery! DONE". After thinking things out though, we figured it was probably an enlarged prostate, and then he considered seeing someone other than his regular doctor for maybe meds or something until he can see his regular doctor.

I ended up spending the night with the folks last night since it got really dark and I was too lazy to drive that distance at night. So, the step-father was supposed to go to the walk-in clinic and see someone this morning at 8:00. Then it got pushed to 10:30. Then he was gonna go while my mother checked in with her doctor in the afternoon. AND OF COURSE HE DIDN'T END UP GOING AT ALL

Rargh. But at least, in the end, he was able to get an appointment with his regular doctor. Still skeptical he's gonna go, but he seems to be more comfortable with the normal doctor than a new one he's never met before? He says he's also peeing normally now, but still gonna see the doctor. Because hey, we're not doctors, so who knows what it might actually be? So hopefully that works out

While I was spending the night, I had a weird dream. I feel like I haven't been remembering dreams all that often lately. In this, I felt kind of like I was the kid in Super 8, biking around a small American town and just... adventuring, I guess? Then I wandered into a small store, really clean and empty, except for two people working behind the counter. I guess they were making burgers or doing some kind of food prep. They were Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

They even had the old-timey burger hats on, like at In-N-Out I guess. I was just standing there watching them, and it seems they didn't notice me right away. Ron Paul, as batnut crazy as he is in real life, seemed like an innocent, almost child-like guy in the dream. He was saying to Newt, in his usual old-man voice, "Oh boy, can you believe it? This Republican jobs plan is going to make tens of thousands of jobs!"

He said this while making burger patties or something. But Newt, in the kind of voice a father uses to explain that, no, the puppy ISN'T ever going to wake up, replied to Paul: "Actually, it will be more like two-hundred fifty jobs."

It became clear that this "jobs plan" was just something cooked up to please gullible folks like Ron Paul here, while actually doing almost nothing and making President Obama look bad. As this most-obvious-plot-twist ever sunk into my dream brain, I started slowly backing away as if I'd just witnessed a murder. Newt even noticed my presence, but didn't jump out to silence me as I would've expected. He just looked at me with this knowing smile, like, even if I told everyone I knew, who would believe me? Or maybe it was more like... I don't even care if the whole world knows. We're doing this anyway. Just because we're assholes.

Anyway, that was it. Paul didn't seem too fazed by the news. It's like his mind wasn't even there. Newt just had that smug look on his face, like somehow everything was going according to plan. Just that attitude of... Who the hell cares what we break along the way, so long as we get to be jerks? It just makes me sick.

Anyway, that was before the big speech President Obama gave today. It's like his words are magic, because I'm not sure what else can explain it. Even with the reality of the sheer stupidity of modern American politics, one speech from Obama can make you forget about it and think, "Hey, maybe we've still got a shot." Even if there's no rational reason to believe so, you can't help but fall under that spell.
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