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Haven't actually been feeling sick lately, but I have been noticing sleeping a little more than usual AND coughing up some weird things that usually only come with recovery from something. But it wasn't until today, when I went walking around the mall, that I felt like maybe I actually had something.

Probably part of it is that I usually stay at home or don't go out for long each day. But today I just remembered the latest Pokemon movie was out in theaters for this weekend only... just one showing today! And of course I am a sucker for Pokemon stuff. I couldn't find anything online that said you got a special gift or anything, so I wasn't expecting anything, but once I was actually in the theater I saw EVERYBODY had a special gift bag. Suddenly I felt stupid for buying tickets at the machine instead of the booth. But after the movie, I checked... It was actually supposed to have been handed out when the guy took my movie ticket! I was one of four childless adult males who had to return to the ticket guy for our Pokemon goodie bags.


It was a cute movie but nothing more than usual Pokemon fare, I guess. But while I was kinda impressed with the voice acting for the Pokemon in the original series, back in Kanto, now it feels more than ever like they're just phoning it in. Or maybe it's just hard to repeatedly yell, "Deer! Deer deer deer! DEER!" and not sound totally phony.

This was one of two theaters even relatively near me that was showing this movie. And since I was there, I figured I would also see The Descendants, which isn't playing at many theaters near me either. I'd really been looking forward to this one since I saw the commercials for it. George Clooney? Family drama? HAWAII? DONE

But I had some time to kill, so I strolled around the mall for a bit. That's when I started feeling really bad, though getting a drink did help. Sometimes when you go to a crowded place, you can almost feel the negative emotions of others washing over you, you know? I often feel like this when going to a mall, but of course this was the Christmas season and any negative feelings would be sure to be multiplied. Probably I was just actually physically ill with something, but walking around there sure felt awful.

Eventually I had only about half an hour left before the movie, so I figured I'd duck back into the movie and just wait in the empty theater. And somehow the movie time got pushed back an extra 20 minutes. Still, spending an hour waiting alone with nothing but theater radio didn't feel so bad compared to the mall...

The Descendants was so great! I loved that movie. I can't listen to George Clooney's voice without his character from Fantastic Mr. Fox just popping up in my head, though. It's set in Hawaii, and it really brought me back! The way people dressed, the beach, the red earth... I just thought it was an awesome movie. I found myself caring more about characters I really didn't think I'd care about. Just felt really emotional and genuine.

Anyway, that's my day.
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