Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,


So, asking work about my reimbursement check multiple times last week yielded nothing. Though my expense report was approved, the person who actually cuts the checks was out ALL week. That is just amazing timing... However, I made progress this week! Pestering them finally got them to write the check AND even mail it this week! Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get it by the weekend...

Trying to book tickets for my flight for December... Next week, I'm going to try cooking for my folks for Thanksgiving.

Apparently my step-father is having some issues with his teeth. A few days ago, a bridge fell out, and today he found out he'll need quite a bit of dental work to avoid infection and stuff. Even though he has health insurance, it doesn't have a specific dental plan attached, so it's not going to cover a whole lot and his bill is going to come out to something like $4000. They might have to sell the motorcycle or take out another mortgage or something to pay for it. I feel bad for not having anything lying around that I can use to help them out with that...

Anyway... That's all for now
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