Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

It's finally time for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and my copy should be arriving today. RARGH been waiting for this for a while. You'd think I'd be more patient after the first game came out, but somehow that didn't happen.

I've gotten a little addicted to regularly watching tournament streams lately. Really excited to see what people do with Ultimate! With the original MvC3, for some reason I felt like I enjoyed watching it more than I actually did playing it. I'm genuinely excited for Ultimate, though!

Still no check from work yet, and no response from work on it. Maybe I need to bug them more about it, but this week is payday week so I can afford to wait and see if it arrives sometime in the next couple days. I think at this point, I chalk this up as a loss. If I ever do see my check, I'll have to consider it a bonus.

Hopefully I should be able to buy my plane ticket this week. And next week is Thanksgiving already! The folks wanted to eat out someplace, but it won't be open late enough on Thanksgiving for us to go after my mother gets off work. So they want to eat there earlier in the week as a sort of "pre-Thanksgiving" and I offered to do the actual Thanksgiving over at my place. It'll be fun to cook something up again! Lately I've been too lazy to cook anything much more complicated than chili or stew.

Things should be okay for a while, I think
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