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So my mother had a dream about a tooth falling out, which she says is a sign that someone's going to die or something. Apparently the last time it happened, the eldest brother in her family died. So she was freaking out a little, but it seems like all that happened was my step-father lost a bridge with four teeth last night.

Now he's going to have to look for a dentist and stuff. And apparently their bank account got overdrawn, so there goes some of the money to bank fees. Every time I think I'm in bad shape, they seem to be worse! I've slowly gotten enough of a handle on my finances to at least avoid fees like that...

Still waiting on that reimbursement check from work. I asked my boss about it last week, and he said he'd check with the person in charge of dispensing the checks on Friday (since she was out ALL WEEK). To my knowledge, that did not happen. At this rate, payday is going to come up before I see that check (if I ever see it). I'm not surprised at this point because THIS HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME. Every single time, with no exception, it's taken them weeks or months to get me my checks, and it's always due to some stupid excuse like, "Oh, I forgot." Next time I'm just not going to fly.

But anyway... Since I never got that check, I wasn't able to buy plane tickets for my planned trip this December. So, who knows what's going to happen...

Sometimes I wonder if I should worry about my job. As long as I've been there, they've always given out a free ham (or alternative gift) every year for Thanksgiving. This is the first year ever that they've been unable to afford it. I mean, I used to get a Christmas bonus, but that was only one year. When I told someone how much it was, he laughed and said, "That's all?!" I don't have a lot of frame of reference, but it seemed like it was a small amount? But I dunno, I felt like just any amount was great...

I also wonder if all the BS I have to go through with getting a reimbursement check is maybe just them covering the fact they can't afford it...? I don't know, though, because they really ARE incredibly absent-minded. When they say they forgot, they really mean it. They just don't care enough to remember.

But yeah, sometimes I wonder how long it'll be before they decide, "Hey, that guy we have working remotely? What if we just let him go?" Then again, I'm the most senior programmer next to the head programmer, so I have the second-most knowledge of all their stuff, not to mention the training they've invested in me... So, I don't know... Maybe that won't matter.

Of course, if I were to lose my job, I wouldn't have any savings to fall back on. I guess I'd have to hope for a severance package? But seeing how things are going with the company, I wonder if such a thing would even exist.

If they said something like, "We'll send you a check," I may just flip out.
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