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Oh, worms

Car thing last week was interesting. At least I learned how to change my own tire and stuff. Maybe I should look into getting a better jack than the compact thing that comes in the car. And though I should get a second new tire, I haven't done it yet. Gonna try to wait until next payday. I've been limiting how much I've been driving lately, and sometimes it does feel weird to have one good tire and three "meh" ones.

Oh, tires. Times like this I wish I'd save part of my money each month. But paying down debts should take priority...

I tried putting together a list of things I want for the house, like new appliances or furniture. Don't they say keeping lists like this makes it easier to reach your goals somehow? I guess I underestimated how difficult it'd be to leave behind so much furniture at the old house (though it's not like I had tons to begin with). I guess I figured I'd just buy new stuff when I got to the new place, but that didn't happen.

Ah well, at least I have pretty much everything I need. Talking to my folks, it sounds like my mother wants to retire next year, so they're looking at cutting back on their expenses. They're finally dropping their landline phone! I wonder how they'll be doing because they seem to have barely enough to get by as things are now... I was planning to take them out to dinner this week but the tire thing got in the way.

I guess my problem is, when I get to a good month where I don't have a ton of extra expenses like business trips or exploded tires, I suddenly think, "Oh boy, I have extra cash! I can get that thing I've been putting off buying now!" when really I need to live as if I still had those expenses and just try to crawl out ahead a little.

But maybe there are some expenses I can cut, too. I NEED Internet for work and general sanity, but maybe I can get by on lower speeds. When I replace my dying phone for one in better condition, maybe I can re-evaluate my plan then, too. Guess there's a lot to consider...

I still have enough to get new things sometimes. Having lots of fun with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record! It's kind of glitchy, but the story mode was entertaining and the new sandbox mode is REALLY great. It felt like how the infinity mode in the first game really should've been done. Also still really looking forward to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 next month! It's so close now!
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