Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Car Trouble

On Sunday, I drove down to my folks' place. On the way back home, one of my tires burst. It just exploded.

I called my car insurance company but apparently I don't have roadside assistance on my plan. But they still offered to call someone out (I'd just have to pay for it out of pocket). So first there was supposed to be a guy to change my exploded tire for my spare. But when he got there, he didn't know how to get the spare tire off the vehicle. He was just like "DURR? HOW GET TIRE OFF? OH WELL ME GO NOW" and that was that.

I mean, there was something in the way. The spare tire is under the backside of the pickup truck bed, and there was a U-Haul trailer hitch installed in front of it. And the guy didn't know how to handle it. I asked if I would still get charged even though he didn't do anything, and he was like, "Well, I didn't come out here for nothing!" Except he did. He DID come out there for nothing. He kept passing off the trailer hitch thing as something like an act of God he couldn't control. "Well hey, do you know how to get it down?" My response was, "No, because I don't DO THIS FOR A LIVING."

The next day, my step-father took a look at it. He got the spare tire down in 10 minutes, with fewer tools than the tire guy had. So his "can't get it down" line was pure bull. He just wanted to get back to watch the game.

So the tire guy was a bust and I had to get someone to tow my car home Sunday. Yesterday my step-father came over to help me change the tire. Had to go buy a new one. I was supposed to get two, for balance I guess, but I could only afford one for now since I'm still waiting for my reimbursement for the business trip.

Anyway, today I have zero dollars in my bank account. It hasn't been this bad in a while. It looks like the rental car I used on the business trip charged to my card instead of the business card. Thing is, that combined with the cost of the new tire and the authorizations for both the failed tire guy and the tow guy to give me a negative balance. Since the tire guy was arranged through my insurance, they said that they'd cancel it and I shouldn't end up being charged for it. So if that authorization disappears, I should be okay until payday.

But looks like I have more to add to my expense report... I wasn't sure if the rental card would charge to my card, or if they simply needed it as backup, like how the hotel authorized my card for $100 for incidentals, but it disappeared when I checked out with no additional charges. Looks like it was the former.

Guess I'm lucky I bought milk and eggs this past weekend so at least I have something to eat. I was going to go buy garbage bags today because I used my last one today. But it would have to be on a credit card... or maybe I can just hold off for a few days.

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