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Back in the game

When I'm away for a while, it seems everything explodes with unread stuff. E-mail, RSS feeds, whatever. It's oddly comforting to come back to something like LJ with a manageable amount of new stuff. "I remember the last time I read that!"

Late last night, I got back home from my latest business trip. I don't know how to describe it. It was sort of great and awful at the same time. I feel like I got a lot done, and the people there were GREAT, but at the same time, I just felt awful. I don't know if there was a period of time I've felt that concentration of awful. I've had short bursts of awful, or long stretches of meh, but this was just a lot of bad in a short amount of time.

It was just feeling physically bad. Part of it was how I've gotten so used to not having to wear "work clothes" for work, when I do have to dress up, it's far less comfortable than when I had to do it every day. I mean, I still go on trips like this once in a while, so it's not like it's been that long... but for some reason, this time felt even worse than those other times.

It was probably just compounded by how sick I felt. I often get sick on these business trips (I still shudder thinking about that time I got sick on THE FIRST DAY and had to suffer through mucus and shivers every day and I popped Advil like PEZ), but this wasn't like the usual cold or flu-like symptoms. It was just those nagging headaches (or migraines?) I've had for the past couple of weeks. This past week was week 4.

At first, these headaches were just like, "Man, I need to eat better and sleep at better times." Then it was, "Okay, this is bad, but I feel okay if I lie down." Then it was "ARGH KILL ME NOW okay it's gone RRRRGH WHY DOES THE WORLD STILL EXIST nevermind it's fine." Not being able to lie down whenever I feel bad this week sure didn't help. But on this trip, it seemed to feel worse than it did before I left, when it had actually seemed to be getting better...

It got to the point where I was barely able to focus on my last day there, and on the plane home? A dozen times worse. By the time we were in the air, it was so bad it was near making me black out. Or rather, making me wish I would. I'm not sure if I fell asleep because I was actually sleepy or I just hit the pain shutoff switch. Luckily, things felt MUCH better by the time I got home, though still not completely gone.

And today it's just... well, it's still feeling like it's improving. It doesn't always hurt to look to my left. It does come back at times, even enough to make me feel like not wanting to play games, but not so bad that the only thing I can do is lie down on some pillows and weep silently.

My step-father was wondering if it may be due to lack of caffeine? I mean, I do recall a time a while back where I tried cutting back on caffeine and felt awful. But I wasn't consciously doing it this time...

I just would like this gone. I've been holding off seeing a doctor because, even though I have health insurance right now, I'd still have to cover the co-pays or whatever. I probably wouldn't need to pay that if I found the correct doctor, but... That feels like a headache in and of itself. I was thinking about seeing the old doctor anyway if I had enough left after the trip, but now I don't know. At least I'm starting to feel better.

If it was migraines, more exercise could help, I think? I was thinking about getting a new exercise bike sometime (I left the old one with the house when I moved). But I should wait on that.

Anyway, I was just so glad to be back home after this trip. It wasn't so bad in comparison to other trips, but somehow it felt like I was gone for months instead of one week. I just missed everything from my familiar bathrooms, the TV, being able to look up things on the Internet (even work-related things!), to the stuff in my fridge and the view out my windows. I dunno. Denver was great, but I missed home a lot more than usual this time.

Work had its ups and downs. They did four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days, so that was kind of rough, even though I spent a lot of time doing nothing. The guy had to juggle so many other projects that there were many periods of downtime where I was just unable to do anything. And without Internet on my computer, or being able to go anywhere without a security escort, the only thing I could do was browse local files on my hard drive and check out a few things on my phone's 3G.

I was DYING when the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character trailers came out. I just saw the announcement on Twitter but couldn't actually watch the videos. I couldn't just start watching at the desk... so I tried my usual trick of sneaking off to the bathroom, but then it just killed the 3G signal. Is it because it's built as a tornado shelter that it blocked the signal that bad? That was the long day to end long days.

I'm just so glad that, with all we got done this week, the guy decided to cancel my second trip next week. I won't have to worry as much about money next week, since I still need to pay for things first and get reimbursed by my office later. But above all else, I was so disgusted with the idea of flying out again that this is a major relief.

One other thing... Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. I'd been looking forward to this game for a while, and preordered it from the Capcom Store. I got shipping confirmation early and THOUGHT I'd get the game before my trip and get to play it a few days before the release date. But they shipped only the preorder bonus and not the game itself, even though plenty of other people got both the bonus and the game.

I had limited resources to check, but I saw all week that they never bothered to ship out my game, even days after the game's street date. Since I already got my preorder bonus, I figured it would be much better to cancel the online order and just buy it locally. I did so today, and had such a blast with that game. Even though I've played through the Dead Rising 2 story so many times already, I still enjoy going through this minimally-changed story (so far) here. And the new Sandbox mode is just AMAZING. It felt like the "survivor" mode in the first game, except DONE RIGHT so it's actually fun yet challenging.

And Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming out so soon. And today they revealed even more stuff for it, just when I thought there was nothing to get excited for besides the characters. I was so wrong! The idea that they're introducing card collecting, which will also serve as a great way to reference characters that otherwise aren't in the game... It's a Smash Bros. level of nostalgia and cool.

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