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Man, I feel bad today. I was expecting to get a game early, which I know is dumb, and of course it didn't happen. But... BUT... Well, it's a weird story. I've made a few preorders on the Capcom Store website, with varied results.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition was one of the launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS. It's SSF4, but in 3D! And portable! The preorder bonus was this lanyard with a lenticular card thing. This time was actually pretty cool, because I got my game a few days EARLY! I was pretty excited, but since it was a LAUNCH TITLE, I didn't even have the system I needed to play it yet.

Then there was the first Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The preorder bonus was a T-shirt. Apparently there was some kind of distribution problem, and Capcom was not informed about it. Everybody who ordered from the online store had their deliveries delayed by a couple of WEEKS. Capcom spent some time trying to think of a consolation item to give to everyone. They decided on a free copy of the MvC3 strategy guide, which was actually a really good guide. However, I already bought the guide. Then again, it didn't matter, because they never sent me a copy, even though I was one of the ones affected. Well, I didn't wait to play the game since I just went and bought it at a local retailer as well...

I placed an order for one of their limited edition T-shirts (the three Okami moon one), and at the same time placed a preorder for a game. Since the order included a preorder, they wouldn't ship until everything was in stock. However, by the time that came around, the limited edition T-shirt was no longer around! I guess it was too much to expect them to have held on to one to fulfill my order. Lesson: preorders must be separate from regular orders.

Now, the current order... I preordered Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (a redone and expanded version of the original Dead Rising 2), and the preorder bonus was another T-shirt. The street date is October 11th, next week Tuesday, when I'm supposed to be away on a business trip. So I thought the earliest I'd get to play it would be Friday night or Saturday morning... BUT, this week Tuesday, I got shipping notification from the Capcom Store! Since the game with the preorder bonus was a "boxed shipment", meaning everything would be bundled and shipped together, I thought my order shipped early. The estimated delivery date was Friday, today, so I thought I might actually get to play the game early before I left for my trip.

The shipping notification didn't provide much info. It just said "Dead Rising 2:" shipped, since it ran out of space. So all day today, I was waiting for the package to get delivered. I was SO excited. And when I opened it... well, there was the shirt. But there was no game. They shipped me the free preorder bonus and charged me around $10 for tax and shipping, but they did NOT ship the actual game!

I remembered that when I got my shipping notification, I went to a message board to post about my excitement. I didn't check up on the thread, so I didn't realize people saw my post and started PLACING THEIR OWN ORDERS ON THE CAPCOM STORE, HOPING TO GET THE GAME EARLY AS WELL. I was like, "Oh crap, I have to apologize to these guys for misleading them," but it turned out that everybody that ordered this week (and got expedited shipping) ACTUALLY DID GET THE GAME EARLY. THEY WERE PLAYING ALL DAY TODAY. They got the preorder T-shirt and everything...

One guy's case was extra weird. When he placed his order, the store said that instead of DR2: Off the Record, they had accidentally shipped him Dead Rising 1 by mistake. They gave instructions on how to return the game once it arrived. But instead, he actually DID get Off the Record like intended. Not Dead Rising 1. And even weirder, instead of getting the preorder T-shirt, HE GOT TWO OF THEM.

I seriously don't get what the hell is up with this stupid Capcom Store. The craziest crap seems to happen with them. I just found it funny that I thought I was getting the game early, which inspired other people to place orders for the game, and THEY actually got the game early while I was the one who did not. Well... I guess I helped make a few people's weekends, at least?

It's just... I don't even... Gaaah. Whatever. Since next week will be busy, hopefully it'll go by really quickly.

Oh right, I forgot. The T-shirt for this game? It says, "I GOT PROBED IN URANUS ZONE".
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