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The Cat Came Back

So there's been a stray cat hanging out around my yard lately. It's not the same one that I caught hunting a baby rabbit that one time, though I'm sure any cat would... Anyway, it seems friendly (as opposed to feral) but it doesn't have a collar and seems a bit on the skinny side. Been wondering what I should do with it, if anything...

I usually find it in the middle of my backyard at night. There are spots where the grass has died and it's just bare dirt, and the cat likes to dig a shallow spot and roll around in the dirt. I usually chase it away, afraid it will go after the rabbits, but today it hung out. I tried to give it some slices of turkey, but it didn't want any (???). But I gave it a small bowl of milk and it seemed to like that.

I was kind of wondering, should I try taking it in at some point and keeping it as a housecat? But I'd have to take it in for shots and whatnot and get supplies and all that. I guess I could at least take it in to see if it has any microchips, to see if an owner can be found (and if so, give that owner a good talking-to). If nothing comes up though, could I really take care of it myself? Hrm

At any rate, I probably can't do anything until after I come back home from my trips. I'll be gone through the second full week of October, and possibly the third week as well (depends on if we have the hours with this client or not...). And while I'm away, I can't ask my folks to look after it for me...

I dunno. Cats


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Oct. 3rd, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
Oh cats are really easy to take care of honestly! :D Just feed water litterbox and cuddle, really!
Oct. 3rd, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Yeah, it should be okay, but I was just wondering if I'll have the spare cash anytime soon after these work trips this month and the other trip I'm planning for December. Since I don't have any cat gear, and I'd need to be regularly buying food and litter, and also any medical stuff it might need...

I was just thinking about Kato and how he didn't have any chronic health problems, but it was still a struggle to pay for everything some months. So I'm just a little worried...
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