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Yeah, everyone is talking about the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Just thinking about it still makes me kind of mad because I feel like this country lost something that day that it may never get back. No matter how much time passes, no matter how many terrorists are stopped, America will just never be the same.

I'm glad Glenn Beck is off TV now because I don't want to see anyone talking about his crazy stupid "OH 9/12 WAS THE BEST DAY EVER" crap anymore. Who would want to go back to 9/12? Take me back to 9/10. Some people say 9/12 was the day that Americans came together. But really, it was the day SOME Americans got together against OTHER Americans. And that's what it still feels like today...

Anyway, I've probably already said that before. I'll just be happy if we make it through today without anything major happening. Though one thing I am glad about is that we got Osama bin Laden by this point. It would just feel horrible today if, 10 years later, we were still scratching our heads going, "Where is he??" Even if that didn't change all that much, realistically... just good to know, I suppose.

At any rate, just going on with life seems like the best thing to do. I've been seeing more and more dragonflies around my yard, and it got me thinking about trying to install a pond again. I wanted to do a really big pond, but since that'd take a lot of time and money, it's been on the back burner... But I was thinking about starting off with a small pond first, maybe without fish and with just plants. It should help attract the dragonflies and maybe butterflies and hummingbirds, too!

So I took at look around and it'd be about $90 for a preformed pond liner, which I think would work great for what I have in mind. Then I could maybe add a small waterfall filter and that'd be it... Maybe I can try for that in the near future.

It just feels nice that the weather is moderate enough that I can actually go outside again!


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Sep. 12th, 2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
Wow, I'm really glad I've never seen Glenn Beck's show.. 'cause that's disgusting. 9/12 = BEST DAY EVER?? How.. awful! It's amazing how stupid some people are..

Yesterday my Dad said something to the effect of "We should just bury this day in our collective national memory and not talk about it anymore." While I think that we've definitely lost something we'll never get back, I don't think we should forget about it, either. It's kind of like.. an important national lesson. I dunno? I was surprised that he said something like that.

I think we still have that pond kit you'd bought when we lived in Laurel. :D
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