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So it looks like the project I was so stressed about, which is what I've been taking all this training for, is in limbo. And of course nobody told me. So while I still need to try working on getting certified on this thing, there's no real time crunch, I guess...

I learned this because they're setting me up for a DIFFERENT project that also involves more training, then me flying out to Denver to train someone else. Yeah... I don't really feel qualified for THAT either, but I guess nothing I can do but give it a shot. It sounds like they just want some hand-holding (why can't I get that?), and although there are others more experienced with the software, I'm the only programmer, so they want that aspect covered as well... Yay

They want me to head out in October (schedules still not set yet! Nothing is ever set!), which is when my step-father is supposed to have some surgery. It should be really minor, though... they'll work on removing some leg clots, and he'll be awake during the procedure.

Been trying to get back into comics again, but also kinda hampered by budget. I picked up the latest Spider-Man, which is in the middle of the "Spider Island" story arc, and I noticed an entire shelf filled with spin-off titles. Spider Island: Avengers. Spider Island: Martial Arts. And so on. Some are one-shots, some are mini-series. I just thought, "Great, it'd be another $30 just for all these tangential stories this week, and that's not even to finish up all these mini-series." So I was just like, screw it.

I heard the Avengers one was supposed to be good, but I dunno. There just seems like too much stuff out there sometimes.

At any rate, I'm actually liking the Spider Island story so far! Basically a bunch of New Yorkers are somehow given spider-powers and it's amusing to see Spider-Man's world turned on its head in this way.

Also, Iron Fist is going to be a new character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and he was a character that NEVER interested me at all in the comics before, so I thought I'd try learning more about him now. I always see a lot of people recommend reading "The Immortal Iron Fist", so I tried ordering the Omnibus off Amazon. Guess I'll see how that is! Word is it's supposed to be amazing.

Also still working on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, on a second playthrough. Playing this game has given me some insight into why some people request the characters they do... Like Songbird. She seems pretty cool in this game. Iron Fist is here too, and he's pretty fun to play as! Aside from the martial arts, he also has a really useful team healing move.

And yeah, this game is by a different developer, so it's not like you can expect what you see in this game to translate to a game like UMvC3... But it's funny how similar the two versions of Phoenix/Jean Grey turned out (glass cannons with auto-revive).

I really wish there were more actual news for UMvC3, though. Still, it's not as bad as waiting for info on the original MvC3. I haven't been this crazed for info since Smash Bros. Brawl... I guess it's just the crossover games that I really get into like this? For anything outside of these two series, I seem pretty content just waiting for info as it comes.
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