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So it's the end of a three-day weekend for me, but somehow it felt like a whole week. I think I mostly caught up on playing games I'd bought on sale or started but never finished. Since I've been thinking about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lately, I went back to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

I think Sunday was the first day in a while that we've finally started getting lower temperatures! It was so refreshing! Instead of hovering around 110 F it was more like 90 or so. Today I barely had to use the air conditioner, and it was actually pleasant outside. So nice! I guess the heat wave is finally over.

Okay, so I planned not to do any more traveling for the rest of the year, but it looks like plans are changing. I was planning to do a trip summer next year, but it seems it'll have to be bumped up to December. So, it's still a trip I was planning to make, but I just thought I'd have more time... I guess I should've been saving up more, sooner. Well, traveling is still fun to break up the monotony. Gotta cut back on the spending

Otherwise, things are pretty boring around here

Oh wait, the other day I was walking on the sidewalk, going to check my mail, and I stepped on a large twig. It was small enough that I didn't notice it and just crushed it, but it was thick and pointy enough that it stabbed the bottom of my foot right through my footwear.

So it's just a minor puncture wound, but it still feels a little tender around there. It's not keeping me from walking, at least, but it's enough to keep me from doing some things. I guess I thought to myself, "If this tiny little thing is affecting me like this, how do people get into fights and beat up their bodies and keep on going?" Maybe it's so long as they don't hurt their feet...
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