Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

A Dead Cat

Today I drove somewhere to get something to eat, and for some reason it reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid. One of my cats got run over by a car.

It was a half-day at school for some reason. I waited for my mother to come pick me up, like she usually did, and watched my friends all go home, one by one. After a while, I was still waiting, so a teacher suggested I call home to see if everything was okay.

My mother didn't realize it was a half-day, because she hadn't seen the flyer. She hurried over to pick me up as quickly as she could. And in her haste, she had run over one of my cats.

Normally she's really careful, but I guess she was in a sort of panic to get to me as soon as possible, and getting cats to move out of the way of something is sometimes... well, like herding cats. Today I started wondering, was the cat lounging about lazily? Was it sunbathing one second, and then splat the next? Did it die quickly? I feel kind of bad that, today, I can't even remember which cat it was...

My mother said she didn't know it was a half day because she didn't get the flyer. Apparently it arrived in the mail, but my father simply never brought it to our attention. I guess my mother blamed him for keeping things in such a disorderly mess. That's why she had to hurry and that's why my cat died.

I realized today that I sometimes do that with the mail, too. Sometimes I'm just not into it, so I'll run through the mail quickly and pull out anything interesting -- magazines, hand-written stuff, bills, anything that looks like a check -- and just toss the rest in a pile. It's nearly all junk mail that's left, but occasionally I miss something I shouldn't. One year I even missed an income tax return, the one year I couldn't e-file, but luckily found the check before it expired...

Hm. I'm not sure why I thought of this today, since the only link was the fact that I was driving a little today. I don't really remember how I felt about the cat dying back then. I know I never saw anything... Was it my father's fault? Was the cat being a little bit too stupid that day? Was my mother in too much of a hurry? I don't know...
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