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Hope everyone on the East coast made it through Hurricane Irene okay! It seems like it wasn't too bad overall.

I've officially given up on work. It's taken them a full month and they still haven't been able to set up all the training they needed me to do in order to work on this project. They still haven't even told me about the actual project itself yet, either. So, you know what? Forget you guys if I can't get it done before the end of the month. I can't even START IT before the end of the month. Whatever, dudes.

Last weekend, I found a crack in my windshield. I thought the windshield was dirty, and I had trouble seeing through it at night, so I went to take it to the carwash. And as soon as the foam hit the windshield, I saw this thin, gigantic crack! It was easily over two feet long, and I was just like, "How the heck did THAT get there?!" I didn't know how I hadn't noticed until then... I know I didn't have anything to worry about, but I was still afraid the whole time that the windshield would just come crashing down on me and I'd get soaked from the carwash and ugh...

Best I can figure, it was while I was driving to and from that first training class work set up for me. I was driving behind a truck and it seemed like something flew off and struck my windshield with a loud impact. I didn't see what it was, and I didn't notice any damage at the time... But it seemed like the most likely cause.

Anyway, I had an easy time filing a claim with my insurance company, and they sent someone over to replace the windshield on Tuesday. The whole thing went really smoothly! Though I still had to pay a deposit of $99. Still, it seemed like something I really had to take care of right away...

Been trying to wrap up a few loose ends in Dead Rising 2 lately. Looks like I haven't played it since back in March... Been trying to aim for the achievements like collecting all the combo cards and using every melee weapon on a zombie. These were the ones that sounded simple enough, but there would always be a handful of odd items that were difficult to get... Like, the combo cards required saving these people that you don't get notified of. You have to know to find them somehow... And for the melee weapons, it includes some items that you can only get during certain missions and you have to get pretty far in the story.

For fun, I checked out the leaderboards. As you play, you earn PP, which determines when you level up and stuff. And while you max out at level 50, you can still keep collecting PP through multiple playthroughs. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I was still a bit shocked to see the top players managed to get over 4 billion points. To be precise, they got the HIGHEST POSSIBLE INTEGER that can be stored in a 32-bit variable. They got the absolute highest points total possible. They maxed out the variable that kept track of it. They pushed it to the absolute boundaries. And there were multiple people that did this. Amazing.

I really can't wait for the next Dead Rising game, Off the Record! It'll be fun to play through the same story as Dead Rising 2 again, with a different main character... but I kinda want to see what they'd do with a Dead Rising 3. Things were really getting interesting at the end of Case West. But I guess it's not impossible they could still reveal more of the story with this new game...

Watched a lot of live streams of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 this weekend. I couldn't get enough of them! AHHH can't wait for this game. Just a couple more months away...
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