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Watched a lot of anime and played a lot of games this weekend! I guess that's not out of the ordinary, but somehow it feels like the first weekend I've really felt relaxed in a while. As opposed to, you know, doing these things out of procrastination.

Been stressed lately about this work project that I'm super not qualified for (the guys at work even realize this; they only picked me because their usual guys are busy and they just wanted SOMEONE). But I attended the base training and picked up a "...For Dummies" book. Now I just need even more training, which just consists of watching videos and taking unlimited-tries multiple choice tests. My only concern is they seemed to be antsy about a deadline at the end of August which appears to be rapidly approaching, but despite that, they seem to be acting pretty leisurely in setting up all these training sessions.

This weekend I couldn't really do anything since we're still waiting on confirmation for the next training session. I asked the guys at work if it should be taking this long, and they said it was. So... nothing I can do for now. Just taking it easy in the meantime, I guess.

Oh yeah, they still won't tell me exactly what I'll be doing.

For anime... I've been watching some Dragonball Z Kai, the remastered re-edited version on Blu-Ray. It's supposed to be uncensored and less dumbed-down compared to the original dub ("Send you to another dimension!"), while having the filler trimmed out. I'm actually really liking it so far! It still can't compete with the regular Dragonball anime, censors or no, but I feel like I'm actually "getting" DBZ more. The story actually makes sense and the impact of particular battles actually seem significant to the plot.

I guess the true test of the "trim the filler" part will come when I get to the Frieza battle...

Also, Devil May Cry! I still haven't really played any DMC games, but when I watched the anime sampler DVD a couple months ago, I actually liked the series. With an adaptation of a video game, your standards aren't exactly set really high, right? But this show was surprisingly decent. It was a more episodic series, and each self-contained episode felt pretty well-done. It also seems to be a pretty short series but I haven't quite finished it yet.

In games lately... I went back to Pokemon White for a while to try to conquer the Battle Subway. My first attempts didn't go over so well. I could usually make steaks of 14+ but not get much further than that. And I need to reach a streak of 49... But I switched my team up a little and I seem to be having a slightly easier time, so maybe I can make it now. Trying out a Haxorus, Ferrothorn, and Chandelure. Wasn't planning on a pure-Gen 5 team, but that's how it ended up...

I didn't want to get too hyped up about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming out soon, but I couldn't help it and I'm sucked in yet again. So I've been playing regular Marvel vs. Capcom 3 again... I never did finish the achievement for completing 320 missions, so I'm trying for that, despite being really bad at it. I seem to have poor reaction times as well as issues with execution... But some days I make surprisingly decent progress, I think.

Sometimes I feel like getting back in and actually playing it again, but I'm not too sure about it either. Super Skrull ended up a character I really liked playing, despite not being too excited about him before. It feels like the characters I was interested in turned out being characters I had trouble playing... I guess I get a different impression from it than, say, the old days with MvC2. In that game I felt like I could pick up almost any set of characters and do at least OKAY. But now I feel like... I can't pick a character I like but am not skilled at, like Spider-Man, and do okay. I dunno. It feels hard to explain...

But still, I'm excited about UMvC3. Just having a new group of characters to try out is exciting. I'm glad to see things like the "DHC glitch" being removed. Seriously, why are people complaining about it being removed, while simultaneously identifying it as a GLITCH? Also, all existing characters are being tweaked. Maybe I can give Dante another try once UMvC3 is out...

Also tried starting a new game in Dead Rising 2 again. There are some achievements I want to try for, but I need a new save that's progressed to a certain point in the story, which I messed up before. Plus I just plain like Dead Rising. I'm really excited about the new game, Dead Rising: Off the Record. I never had anything against Chuck Greene, the original protagonist of DR2... but there's just something about Frank West returning that just feels right.

And of course, Frank West will be in UMvC3 too... When you think of a Dead Rising representative for the game, you immediately think Frank West. But the idea of playing with Chuck Greene's combo weapons seems like too much fun... So I think this Off the Record game is a clever way of combining the two: the character of Frank West with Chuck Greene's combo weapons. Hopefully Frank's incarnation in UMvC3 has been upgraded enough from his TvC version to include these combo weapons.

I also went back to play the first Ace Attorney game again. It's been a long time since I played it, and looking back, I think I never actually beat it before... But yeah, Phoenix Wright is another character I'm excited to see in UMvC3. I'm sure this is exactly what Capcom wants -- growing buzz for their other properties even more and more. Well, it's working!

But now, I guess it's back to the usual work week... Guess I'll just have to see how it goes.
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