Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Dead Xbox

My 360 died again. Now I'm in the process of transferring my data, though I still had to buy a transfer cable. At least they were nice enough to include the data transfer software with the basic 360 system software, as opposed to requiring that disc...

I was wondering why my 360 seemed to enjoy freezing in the middle of games more often lately. It used to be such a rare thing that I didn't think it was a problem... Like, maybe once every 100 hours, it would freeze in the middle of whatever game I was playing? I guess I just assumed it was a problem with those games and didn't realize it was probably the system itself. Anyway, it froze for the last time yesterday.

Been trying to play more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lately. When the Ultimate MvC3 version was announced, I told myself I wouldn't go crazy over it like I did with the original game. Of course I was interested, but I figured I could patiently wait for its release since it was only a few months away, not desperately seeking new info every single day. It even helped that ALL the new characters were accidentally leaked (by Capcom themselves, no less) so there was even less suspense as to what to expect.

And yet, it's happened anyway! Even though we know which characters will be added, all but one of them are BRAND NEW so we have no idea how they will play until we see some reveal trailers. So they still have enough secrets to drive us crazy with... How the heck will Rocket Raccoon play? Everybody wants to know!

It is rather odd to be seeing an update to the game so soon, though. UMvC3 will be coming out just 9 months after the release of the original MvC3. It's not exactly surprising since all of Capcom's games seem to follow this pattern... We had three versions of Street Fighter 3. We had three entries in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Street Fighter 4 also has three versions. And we all know how many versions of Street Fighter II there were... So I see a lot of people saying, "Screw Capcom! This is why I never buy the first version of a game!" But they don't seem to realize that if everyone thought the same way and nobody bought the original version, we would never even get the follow-ups with all the extra characters, stages, features, and tune-ups.

And personally, I don't know if I could've waited an extra 9 months just to save $40.

Anyway... Hope I don't need to worry about more things breaking down any time soon...
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