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So last week was my SharePoint training, which felt weird since I didn't really meet any of the prerequisites for the class. Also, I'm more on the developer/programming side and this was definitely more on the administrative side. I think I ended up picking up how to get things done, more or less... though I'm still kind of foggy on the big picture stuff, like why you'd even do this to begin with. Maybe a "...for Dummies" book will help...

Well, now that I've gone through that, I'm ready to tackle any and all SharePoint projects coming my way? I guess.

I went out to see Final Destination 5. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but I always seem to find myself watching these movies... It seemed to pretty much meet the expectations of a Final Destination movie, though I have to admit the ending was a bit better than I expected. It did make me feel weird to think I've been with this series since the year 2000, though...

Over the weekend I also watched the remaining episodes of the Soul Eater anime. I really liked this series overall! The final battle was a bit of a letdown in that it was sort of a "defeat you with the power of Heart" kind of deal, but overall it was pretty satisfying.

Started reading some cosmic Marvel comics, since a couple of cosmics are supposed to be in the upcoming Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Not bad, but a little tough for me to get into... I guess like how I used to prefer the Town Lego sets over the Space ones.

I also picked up a new weeping willow tree for my backyard! I picked a great day for it too, somehow, as we had our first really cloudy day in a long time, so the sun wasn't bearing down on me while I was planting it. It was still super humid, though... But it was also the day after a big rain, so the ground was nice and soft and easy to dig in. It's looking pretty nice! Can't wait to see it grow. Hopefully it can help provide some shade for the yard in coming years...

I guess that's about it... Feeling pretty tired lately.
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