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Oh yeah, and it was a real mess getting things straightened out this past week, but it looks like I'll be going for training this coming week. It's a Microsoft thing so there are a ton of places I can go to attend the classes, and there's one nearby. It's almost a full day, 8-4 each day, for the whole week. Part of me is looking forward to getting out of the house for something the whole week, but it also seems like a bit of a hassle. At least I won't need to fly for this one.

I guess I need to prepare for it this week... I'll need to look into what I need to bring and how I need to dress. Do I still have work-appropriate clothing left?

It was stupid how horrible the e-mails were, though. The first thing I noticed was it had different directions depending on whether it was before November or after November. I thought, "That's quite a ways in advance..." but then I noticed it was for November of 2010. Does this line still need to be in the e-mail? Can't they update it at this point?? I think the "before" part is no longer relevant.

Also, there seemed to be a strange mix of whether I needed to respond to the system e-mail to verify my status or if I needed to e-mail an actual person to talk things over. It wasn't really consistent and they seemed to contradict each other at times. It really struck me how disorganized this whole thing was...

Well, maybe I'll learn something cool. The problem is that I was supposed to have been in training two weeks ago, so I'll have lost three weeks by the time this training is done. I was told the project would be due at the end of August so I really seem to be running out of time. Also, nobody's told me what this project even is yet. When I ask, "What is it, exactly?" they just say, "Oh, it's something you need this training for." They can't even give me an abstract explanation, like, "It processes forms" or "It matches data against a database" or whatever... I'm totally in the dark.

One thing I hate about working with computers is that it seems like the people I deal with (both clients and coworkers) have zero clue how to concisely convey information. They have to give an hour-long speech instead of saying something like, "Can you make sure they don't leave this one field blank?" When I just want to understand the gist of something, I can never get a satisfactory reply. Nothing ever gets distilled...

Ah well. FUN
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