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Went kind of Pokemon crazy in the past couple of weeks. In Pokemon White, I completed the National Pokedex, then managed to collect all the Pokemon Musical props (I cheated and changed my birthday to get that last prop). So along with beating the game and collecting all the Entralink powers earlier, my Trainer Card is one step away from being maxed out. I think this is the closest I've gotten? Even though I've completed the National Dex before...

Now I just need to create a team for the Super lines on the Battle Subway. Still trying to decide, but I may take a brief break from Pokemon for a bit... I've been able to easily handle the normal Single line, but the Super Single line really got me!

Also, lately I've been watching anime again. It feels a bit weird because there definitely seemed to be a dead period... Back in the early 2000's, it was everywhere in the US and I couldn't get enough. Maybe it rode along with the big DVD boom, but I remember buying a ton of anime DVDs and watching everything I could afford and waiting two months between each volume. But then there was a huge dry spell where I didn't feel like buying or watching almost anything... I think there were rare exceptions like Haruhi, though.

But now I feel like I'm getting back into it. It may have picked back up with me catching up on One Piece again... Lately I've been noticing that Funimation is really BIG these days. It feels like lots of old studios just disappeared, but Funimation not only seems to be everywhere, but they're doing really awesome stuff these days compared to the old days. For one, I'm impressed they have a lot of stuff online, ad-supported free.

Recently, Amazon had this huge sale on Funimation stuff (I think the same ends Monday). So a little while ago, I picked up a couple of things for more than 50% off. Something I noticed which was cool was that even FUTURE Funimation releases are on sale, even though they're not included in the list. For example, I got Soul Eater collection 1 for almost 60% off now, but collection 2 (coming in the next week or two) was also on sale for about the same percentage. And with Amazon's price guarantee policy, you can preorder it and lock in the sale price...

Anyway, Soul Eater was one of the series I tried out, and I was really glad with that purchase! The first couple of episodes seemed just okay to me, but it really picked up fast and I really grew to love the characters. And it's a modern title (only two or three years old?) so the Blu-Rays looked great! It's too bad I don't see more older series on Blu-Ray, but I understand it's difficult with most shows...

Also, Eden of the East was recommended to me maybe a year ago, and I didn't get around to checking it out, but I also got the Blu-Ray of that. Definitely love this series! Even though it has some fantastic stuff going on, it's still pretty much grounded in reality, and although it deals with some of Japan's issues as a nation, there's a lot that resonates with the current state of America, I felt.

I still have to watch the King of Eden, which I also got really cheap...

What's also neat is that these Funimation shows appear to be on Netflix and you can stream the entire series! Even all the episodes of Soul Eater, I think, though the second disc collection isn't even for sale yet. I still think Netflix doesn't work well for me since my habits are pretty inconsistent. I think I spent the last month doing almost nothing but playing DS, ignoring my Xbox and my discs. But sometimes I'll only play Xbox and ignore the other two instead... I guess I tend to focus on one thing and shuffle around. So there were way too many months I ended up not touching Netflix at all...
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