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Tekken Night

So a couple weeks ago, I saw news that a 3D Tekken CG movie would be showing around the US for one night. I'm not the world's biggest Tekken fan, but I thought, "I should support weird things like this so we'll have more of them in the future," so I purchased my tickets right then. I nearly forgot that it was supposed to be tonight, because they don't exactly e-mail you a reminder or anything. Yeah, we'll just be taking your money for that ticket and the processing fee...

It was kind of a mess in every way. First, it's a 3D movie, but they forgot to set something up right, so the 3D wasn't working. It looked the same with or without glasses, just fuzzy everywhere that was supposed to have depth. It looked the same way a 3D movie looks when everything's working right but you take your glasses off. Eventually they figured out, "Hey, something's wrong!" Since it was only 10 minutes into the movie, they just restarted it so we'd have the 3D effect the whole way through.

The last time I saw a 3D movie at this place, it was the Yu-Gi-Oh movie -- another special event thing. And yeah, the same thing happened then, as well... the 3D effect wasn't working right until partway through the movie. But that time I think it was about half an hour in, so they didn't restart the movie that time.

You know, just one instance, I could forgive... But they seem to have a troubling trend going here. I think it's time I start looking into other theaters, even if I have to drive a little farther...

Ah, and the movie itself. For starters, it LOOKED great. The visuals were awesome and the 3D effect was really cool (when it was working). Just fun to watch. But somehow they seemed to have crafted the craziest mishmash of a plot I'd ever seen. It was like they took the usual "let's cram a plot into an action movie" approach, and it had the usual "based on a video game" issues, but also coupled with "lost in translation" issues and "written in the 80's" issues. It was like TV Tropes exploded onto this movie.

I was just like... Okay, I'm no expert on Japanese culture, but after watching anime for over 10 years, I thought I'd be immune to "lost in translation" effects and at least be able to roll with things. But there were so many times I just felt WHOAH THAT IS SO AWKWARD AND WEIRD that I really had that feeling most of the way through. The whole audience (we had a decent-sized one) was rolling with laughter at unintentionally humorous scenes throughout the whole thing. It was just... wow.

And after the movie... They included this interview between Harada, the guy behind the Tekken games, and the writer of the movie. This was also unintentionally hilarious. They kept casually saying things like, "Wow, a CG movie based on a fighting game? Don't those have the worst plots ever?" and "I was afraid the story would come out weird and un-followable, but... [laughs]"

There were a couple of typos in the subtitles, as you might expect. But they had another issue... Harada's lines were in blue text, and the writer's were in red. Halfway through, they switched the colors without warning so that Harada became red and the writer was blue. They just totally lost track and switched them.

Finally, at the end of that, they had some brief previews of the upcoming Tekken Tag 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as a message that said, "Coming later! Tekken X Street Fighter!" I think everybody was expecting to see some trailers or something for these games. Even if we didn't get anything exclusive, I thought we would've at least seen the full trailers already released on the Internet. But nope! We just had a few seconds' worth of each of the already-released trailers. We saw LESS than we would've seen if we'd just gone on YouTube.

And with that, A Very Tekken Evening was over. The theater didn't even turn on the lights when it was time to leave. Just... find your own way out. Well, it was an interesting evening, at least.

Probably the most awesome part of my night was when I was driving home and decided, "I want a root beer float." It was $3.02 after tax, and then I remembered... Several months ago, I got a $50 gift card. I originally planned to use it on something over $50, so I wouldn't have to worry about remembering what the remaining balance on it was. Of course, that didn't happen, but I knew I had around three bucks left on it. And luckily, I had previously written my remaining balance on the signature strip on the card -- exactly $3.02. And so the gift card was precisely used up and I can safely chuck it now. Felt pretty good about that.

And good night.
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