Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Work is fun

So I found out I got assigned to a project I literally know nothing about.

They told this guy to give me a call to give me some info on the project and answer any questions I had but I didn't understand any of it. It'd be things like "Well you're just emulating a robust paradigm" and I'd be like, "I know those words but together they make no sense." Everything seemed vague because I wasn't familiar with any of the things they were talking about. I'm sure it's all easy stuff, but it doesn't mean anything to someone who's 100% unfamiliar with it, and they apparently can't explain it in that case...

And then they'd say things like, "Well, it is based on Java, but you won't be doing any development so that's irrelevant." And I'd be like BUT THAT'S THE ONE THING I KNOW HOW TO DO. I really wonder if my boss was just like, "You say this software was written by a programmer? What a coincidence! THIS GUY is a programmer!"

As the phone conversation went on, I pictured a flowchart where all dialogue choices quickly lead to the same destination: "Well, you'll find out what that is in training." But then they'd ask what training I was getting, A or B, and I wouldn't know because they didn't even tell me THAT. They just said they would TRY to SEE if they could SET UP training for me, but since the deadline is coming up so soon, the training would have to be next week and they didn't know if they could do that.

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