Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Pokedex progress

Completed the Unova Pokedex! 153/153 seen and caught (which I guess doesn't count the currently-unavailable Pokemon). Now I just need to work on the National Dex... I think I currently have 290 out of 646 (again, not counting unobtainable Pokemon). Just 356 left to go!

Looks like there was some interesting game news today. Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken? FREDDY KRUEGER in Mortal Kombat? Wild... And there's that mysterious message from Capcom about Darkstalkers not being dead, but yeah, still feeling cautious after this week. Also, apparently an image of Hello Kitty dressed as Chun Li.

Man, I really wish I could've gone to San Diego Comic Con this year! But even if I could, it probably wouldn't have worked out well. It's so hot here this summer (it's a "heat dome"!), and I think 80% of the plants I bought this year are officially dead. I've been trying to water them more than usual, but nope, not helping. Ugh, that's quite a bit of money gone down the drain.
Tags: games, pokemon
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