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Death of Mega Man

This evening I was really surprised to hear Mega Man Legends 3 had been canceled. I'm not the biggest Mega Man fan in the world, but I was really disappointed by the news since I was really looking forward to the game (as well as the downloadable "Prototype Version" game). I mean... I don't think I've played an original Mega Man, though I did play maybe 5 minutes of MM9. I played a couple of Mega Man X games. I got into Mega Man Battle Network for a while, until those games got way too hard for me to beat. I never really played the Legends games, though.

But I was really excited about these games! Partly because they're 3DS games and we don't exactly have a ton of titles available right now, so any fun-looking games are highlights. But they did look like they could be great games.

Capcom said that the game didn't "meet the criteria" for full production, and that's why it was canceled. It's not something that's so unusual, for a game to be announced but later canceled, but I felt like this was a special case. The development of this game was particularly interactive, as you were encouraged to join the community and vote on various character design decisions, and even to submit some designs yourself! And this was for a game series with a strong following that waited TEN YEARS for announcement of a sequel, only to get that announcement before having it yanked away.

So yeah, although this shouldn't be a surprising thing, and this is all just in the name of business, it still feels really rotten in this case. I think it's a combination of the anticipation, the fact that years of waiting appeared to pay off, the level of fan involvement, and the apparent level of completion shown to the public that makes this news hard to swallow.

Although Mega Man's not something that may be the top of the heap when it comes to properties near and dear to my heart, I think of it this way... I was super excited when I heard Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was announced. That's another series with fans that waited nearly a decade for announcement of a sequel. For almost a full year, that was just about all I thought about day in and day out. That game was #1 on my list of priorities. How would I have felt if, after a few months, they suddenly announced the game was canceled? I would've been pissed as hell.

It would've felt better if they had never announced plans for a sequel at all, rather than to do so only to cancel it later. A ton of games get canned in such an early state that nobody really knows enough to get that invested in them... That's what makes something like this especially painful, I think.

A lot of people are mad about this piece of news. While I may not agree with everything being said, like hoping Capcom goes bankrupt or people saying they'll never buy another Capcom game ever again, I can totally understand all of it. I don't hold anything against these people for voicing their anger. I've seen a very (VERY) small number of people in the gaming community say things like, "Get over it" or "What entitled brats", and I just feel like they can stand to shut up for a few days at least. If they don't care, that's fine, but lashing out at the backlash isn't exactly helping things.

I don't know. I just feel like it must be a very emotional thing for the bigger fans out there. A lot of my interest was generated from Capcom's own crossover games, with the Legends version of Mega Man being in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Tron Bonne being in the last two Marvel vs. Capcom games. I realize it IS just a business decision, but it just FEELS pretty cruel.

One thing this all reminds me of, though, is that Capcom's seemed to make a number of odd decisions lately. I believe there was the case of the PC version of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, which was revealed to have very restrictive DRM, though it was toned down after some violent fan backlash. Very recently, there was the issue of the Resident Evil game on 3DS having a permanent save file in the hopes of combating used game sales, which I believe (not sure) was also set to be changed after more fan outrage.

So while this may be wishful thinking, I wonder if this is another one of Capcom's "tests" of fan fervor. It'd be a sort of way for the producers to say, "See? Look how much they care about this game!" to the higher-ups, which seems to be a struggle they are constantly harping on ("You want Darkstalkers 3? Make a lot of noise to the higher-ups!").

This whole thing reminds me a little bit of this time, long ago, when Yoshi's Island and some other Super NES games were believed to have been canceled, only to eventually come out later. I think. My memory's kind of fuzzy on this.

So, I dunno... I'm not going to hold out hope, and I'll get over this faster than the bigger Mega Man fans out there. But the whole thing just doesn't sit too well with me right now... I was originally really looking forward to seeing what announcements Capcom had planned for San Diego Comic Con this weekend, but now I'm a bit apprehensive. Time will tell...
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