Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Dream Journal

In the first dream, I was apparently in Gosick exploring a "haunted house" with Victorique. We found traps and signs that a killer was hiding in the house (including a taunting note apparently written on the corner of a torn envelope?), but when we got upstairs, all we found was a room with my grandmother in it. Her bed had a ton of stuffed animals on it. At that point, we ended up having to leave... but was the killer still hiding elsewhere in the house? Or was my grandmother the killer?? Dunh dunh dunh

In another dream, I went to a house near a gas station. It was apparently the house of someone I knew, but not too well. There seemed to be a small party going on, but I just wanted to look for a quiet room where I could do some work, so I settled in the guest bedroom. I think there were strange mushrooms or something that "absorbed" noise or clatter so they helped me concentrate...

But around noon or so, the acquaintance's parents came out and said that the party was over and all party-goers had to leave. I wasn't sure if they simply meant everyone had to leave, or if I was okay to stay since I wasn't partying. When I left the bedroom to ask, I found everyone had already went into rooms so there was no one I could talk to. Eventually the acquaintance emerged from the bathroom (for some reason, at this point I was naked and had to cover myself with a towel I found on the ground). We were both just wearing towels. I asked if I was supposed to leave too, and he said yes.

Not sure if I ever got my work done.
Tags: dream journal
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