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The latest thing going around in American politics is talk about the debt ceiling, and I heard something that really got under my skin... Some people were discussing how, if they failed to raise the ceiling by the deadline, it might affect social security payments. Someone said in response, "Why does it have to be social security? Why can't they just cut off unemployment benefits? They don't need it," with a smug little grin. It was like her face really turned into that ":D" face as she said this, and I was just appalled. How could she be so flippant about something like this??

I mean, it's not like senior citizens are any more deserving of getting hurt by this. But to suggest cutting off unemployment checks, when everyone knows how hard it is to find a job today? The underlying implication was, of course, that unemployed people were somehow lazy bums that are just mooching off the system and don't deserve any help. I can't stand it when people talk like this. People like that obviously have no idea what it's like to struggle through hard times... And they also seem to fail to realize it's unemployment insurance, and that you pay into it while you're working, so it's hardly a handout.

It's just... I remember going through hard times. I came THIS close to needing a roommate to go on unemployment just to help pay the rent. It's only a few hundred dollars so, depending on where you live, it may not even be enough to cover rent. You're hardly living a glamorous life on hundreds of dollars a month. I can only imagine people needing it being even worse off than I was at that time, and the thought makes me cringe.

Isn't it the duty of the haves to help the have-nots? To help your neighbor? To treat others as you'd have them treat you? Because you never know when the wheel of fortune may turn... I'm doing okay now, but I can never forget those dark times that were so full of despair. No one should have to go through that if anyone else can help it...

But I guess I shouldn't dwell too much on stuff like that. I'm sure people who make comments like that never really think them through, and they're just forgotten within a couple of minutes... It just really bothered me a bit for the past few days.

Anyway... I guess this has been a mostly boring week. But I'm still on sort of an Adventure Time kick... watched through all the old episodes over the weekend, and now enjoying the new episodes airing each Monday! I always seem to get into these things late. I found out that the creator will be doing autographs at San Diego Comic Con, and a bunch of voice actors will be there for a panel. MAN it would have been awesome if I were able to go to that! Well, I'm sure I can go some future year, and there'll be guests just as awesome...

For a while I thought I was just really sick of huge cons and really wanted to go to a casually-paced small con. But after the last one, which was sort of a... smaller large con... I feel like I do miss the crazy pace of a really huge con. Of course it'd be nice to find a small one to attend sometime, but there's just something exciting about the really large cons...

It'll have to wait for the future though, because things are tight this year! Luckily my folks decided not to travel anywhere after all this month. But my mother still took some time off, so maybe we'll just drive somewhere local. We keep finding new things around here! We found this area with some Asian markets we hadn't discovered before... even a Thai one!

It's so much hotter this year than last year. My folks say that squirrels are just sprawling themselves on their lawn, and not bothering to move when they walk up next to them. They're just like, "Meh. It's too hot, man..." Sometimes I see bunnies spreading themselves out on my lawn too.

I'm glad that at least my Shantung maple is doing well! Especially since most of my other plants seem to be dying, even with extra watering. That maple really is suited to this area, like they said... I hope it continues to grow quickly, but I still need more shade in my yard!!

I was thinking about water gardening projects I can do without actually digging a pond yet... Then I remembered container gardens! If you have a large enough container, you can still grow water lily plants and even lotus! It seems like it'd be a relatively cheap project too, so maybe I should look into that soon...

Despite the heat, I guess things are pretty okay for now...
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