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Lazy Day Weekend

I think I just lazed about most of this weekend. Well, I did take care of the usual yardwork, but I also vegged out a lot with the Adventure Time marathons on Cartoon Network. Between both days of the marathon and watching random YouTube videos, I think I may have seen close to all the current episodes! Now I'm ready for new ones tomorrow!

I guess Adventure Time hasn't been around TOO long, just since last year... but somehow it feels like it's been around a lot longer. I remember I would see random episodes while I was flipping around and think, "Haha, that's so funny and weird. OKAY NEXT CHANNEL". Now I may be kind of addicted... I don't know the last time I've watched Cartoon Network this much.

Often I see Adventure Time compared to "Regular Show", almost exclusively with greater-than and less-than signs, but I haven't been able to sit through a full episode of that yet so I don't really know what to think myself.

Also, this weekend I finally finished watching the anime "Freedom"! It's about kids living in a colony on the moon, with the Earth supposedly a barren wasteland, but one of them makes a discovery that Earth may in fact be alive and well and sets out to try to prove it.

This show kind of has a history with me, because I remember these guys in the dealer room at Otakon one year really trying to sell this it to me. They were like, "Support this new show!! You get this mini-poster and a card autographed by the creators!!" It was the first thing on a "Twin Format" HD DVD (where the regular DVD is on the same side as the HD, as opposed to being on the opposite side, so it can still have a disc label and stuff), and one of the earliest HD anime period, so I bought into it.

But it was an OVA with big gaps between episodes, and due to money issues and lack of attention, I ended up not following it that closely. But I really wanted to see how the series went! I picked up two more volumes later, but the next time I looked into it, I saw the HD DVDs were canned, as Blu-Ray had killed the format by that point. They never released the final episode on HD DVD. And I guess I forgot about it for a while...

But I was thinking about it recently, so last payday I sprung for a box set and finally got to watch the whole thing! I really liked this series. It also seemed poignant that I happened to watch it around the time of the final space shuttle launch... Just the juxtaposition of that news with "We can't close the private jet loophole!! TAXES BAD RAAAAWR" really made me sad. When was the last time we as a country did something awesome like this?

Yeah, I guess politics have really been getting me down lately. So having this weekend full of Adventure Time zaniness really helped, I think.

Also, I checked out the movie, Horrible Bosses. I was really wondering about this one because I thought it MIGHT be funny from the preview, but I'd also been hearing some negative talk about it, and it seemed like it could really go either way. But I really enjoyed this movie! I guess it's the premise that seems pretty shaky, but the jokes and the characters just really work well and I thought it was hilarious. It's definitely one of those cases where they do NOT use up the best material for the preview.

So I wasn't too productive, but I think it was a pretty good weekend! I think I even spotted a new baby bunny hanging around my yard today.



Jul. 11th, 2011 12:28 pm (UTC)
Man, when *doesn't* politics make everyone sad? Such a shame.. It would be nice if people could come together and do more as a country.

Your eyes are gonna fall out from watching too much Adventure Time! You're gonna start walking all funny like the elastic-y people. WAIT FOR IT.
Jul. 11th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC)
NOODLE ARM DANCE! Or dancing bug dance?? Maybe if we taught Congress this dance, they would-- no, nothing would change them. Ever.
Jul. 11th, 2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
Oh no, they would see nothing amusing in this. We'll just hafta hang out around DC and teach everyone else the dance~ Wheeee!


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