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Feeling great today! I think I'm all better and ready to tackle mountains of food once again. It's good timing I suppose, since my mother is really itching to go to Macaroni Grill. Last week I took them out to a place my step-father picked as a sort of father's day thing and I think she was just biding her time, waiting for a chance to go to her favorite place...

Hm, I think I am done traveling for a while? Wait, my mother said she had taken a few days off at the end of July because she wants to go somewhere in Texas. So it'll be a smaller trip, but I still need to save up for that... but she did say that if we're too broke, we can just do a staycation instead. I hope this is finally it for a while, though! As much as I enjoyed the trips I've been on recently, I think it's time to chill and take it easy for a while now. Kinda running out of energy.

Started thinking more about stuff I need to do here... I was thinking of looking around for something like a willow tree for the backyard, to hopefully grow quickly and help provide some shade. They didn't have anything good at the usual nurseries we went to, though. Maybe in a couple weeks I can buy some new shelves or desks for the upstairs... Also, I feel like I can finally take a second shot at building that Windows Home Server!

A friend was nice enough to give me a spare key for WHS 2011, so I've been really itching to do this. But with the removal of Drive Extender, I feel like I have to be more careful to set things up more or less how I want from the start, rather than adding to it incrementally over time. So I may have to wait to buy a few more hard drives first.

Also, although I had enough spare parts in hardware to piece one together before, this time I might actually get some new parts. Like, say, a new case to give it a nice, tidy look.
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