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Colorado Trip!

The trip was a lot of fun! It started last week Thursday when I drove from here to Albuquerque, since it was the cheapest place for Jade to fly in to. It was an uneventful drive and went really smoothly -- until I crossed the border into New Mexico. As soon as I crossed that line, there was a police officer directing traffic to the next exit to avoid a fire near the highway.

From there, we were sent to a side road, and I thought, "Cool! We'll avoid that major traffic jam and I'll be at my destination soon." But we suddenly came to a stop, and I noticed that something was wrong with the side road as well. All I could see was a vehicle with an empty trailer jackknifed in the middle of the road so that nobody could get by... So even though we weren't stopped by the fire, we were stuck there for an hour anyway.

Eventually, Jade and baby were picked up at the airport and we were on our way to Pagosa Springs! It was such a nice little town. The weather was so amazing! After the hot mugginess of summer Texas, and the intense dry heat of New Mexico, Colorado was a nice treat and felt really great. It was so cool and breezy! I think the first day, we just kind of vegged out and tried watching some 30 Rock.

The next day we found this place near a stream with some small trails to hike, and there was a field of cows! Then the day after that, we went to see a really cool waterfall. I brought my 3DS along to take some 3D photos of the place, and I actually saw a kid there with another 3DS! But I think the punk didn't set up his Mii because we didn't StreetPass or anything. A chipmunk greeted me on the way out, but I didn't have a can of mace to greet him back.

I think on the way back, we stopped at a cool little Malt Shoppe, where we picked up some AWESOME malts and some temporary tattoos. We dipped our feet in the river nearby before heading home for the day.

On Tuesday we checked out the hot springs, and they were really great! It was so relaxing, and I think it's inspired me to get a hot tub installed at home someday.

So the trip was overall pretty peaceful and relaxing! But I ran into a few issues along the way.

-I guess that fire in NM counts.
-The morning I was supposed to drive us over to Colorado, I accidentally locked the car keys in the trunk. I was borrowing my mother's car rather than using my old pickup truck, with which such a feat is impossible, so I guess I wasn't thinking.
-I tried driving to the grocery store by myself but ended up halfway up a mountain instead. Pretty, though!
-I utterly destroyed a can opener trying to make Spam musubis. It's fun when can openers die because the parts just fly in all directions.
-I somehow broke my mother's carabiner that the car keys were on.
-A bat somehow made it indoors, which we discovered at 2 AM the morning we were supposed to leave. The cat bit it a few times but we think the bat eventually flew away through an open window.
-I almost ran into a deer on the drive back.
-I was slow and got Jade to the airport roughly half an hour before her flight. She somehow made it though!
-About a dozen miles away from home, I ran out of gas several yards away from a gas station. A stranger helped me out and a cop ignored us.
-Jade and I both got super sick when we returned home. BLARGH

So, I guess most of that was my own doing... But that just makes things exciting! It was a super fun trip and we had tons of homemade food, including some super awesome cupcakes. They were seriously so good! The first batch was pepperminty chocolate cupcakes, with mocha frosting I think, and they really felt like Christmas. The other batch was some awesome strawberry daiquiri cupcakes with little bits of strawberries everywhere. They were SO GOOD and luckily I was able to bring some home with me!!

I don't think I've ever had such a relaxing trip. Usually I'm being bothered by work, or busy running around a convention, but this was the first time I felt I really had a chance to relax, I think. And we had lots of awesome food and I had a few opportunities to take some 3D photos!

We had our temporary tattoos applied, but when I woke up this morning, somehow half of mine ended up on my other palm. I was washing up in the morning and thought something awful happened to my hand, but it was just the lower half of the tattoo in some kind of disintegrated state.

So that was the trip! I'll see if I can upload some photos sometime.
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