Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Link's Awakening

I beat the 3DS download of Link's Awakening! It looks like I clocked in at 17 hours and 24 minutes though I seriously expected something over 100 hours or something. Seriously, it seemed like a much longer game! I guess it did help that I played and beat the original ages ago, but I had really forgotten how tough some of the puzzles were in the later dungeons.

But in this playthrough... I didn't get all the heart pieces (I am usually missing exactly one), I didn't collect all the shells (I did before! I fired up my old Game Boy Color to check), and I didn't try out the DX dungeon yet. But I also didn't realize it's possible to get a Perfect Ending so maybe I should try again...

I wonder if I found the game this sad the first time I played through it? Anyway, it's seriously one of my favorite games ever!
Tags: games
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