Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

You must recover!

Still feel a bit sick, but feeling tons better today! Whenever I feel sick I wind up guzzling gallons of orange juice. I also had a craving for pineapples. For some reason, yesterday I couldn't even think about meat without feeling sick, but luckily I got over that today. Got a baja dog from Sonic (so good!) and my mother dropped by to give me some sandwich meats and cheeses. Feeling pumped today!

Also, it seems like I was waiting for June 30 for a long time. Yesterday it was finally a new episode of Ugly Americans! Though I honestly don't remember a whole lot about it because I felt sick out of my mind. It was also the end of the Club Nintendo year. I reached Platinum status pretty early on, so I was waiting on registering games and completing surveys for points until today, so I wouldn't "waste" the points on the 2011 year and instead have them count towards 2012. Already at Gold for 2012, so just a bit more for Platinum again! Hm, maybe I didn't have to save those points after all, if it's this easy...

It looks like people are disappointed with this year's Club Nintendo rewards? I guess this year's pins may not be as cool as last year's statue, but... I still thought it was pretty cool. And the first year, it was a Mario hat, so how does it compare to that? And it's all free, isn't it? I dunno, I'm feeling pretty happy with Club Nintendo, after it took us so long to finally get it after Japan's had it forever.

Despite feeling so much better than I did yesterday, I'm still not feeling perfectly well. I went outside for less than a minute to check the mail and I felt like I was burning up! Hopefully by tomorrow I'm feeling okay enough to mow the lawn. Folks are actually taking me out to eat on Sunday! It's nice to be out of the house on Sundays after that neighbor threatened to take me to church sometime...
Tags: food, games, tv
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