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Future Hawaii!

Feeling strangely good this week! Been having fun playing video games lately, but sometimes you also feel like working on a project where you're creating something, not just consuming. Wonder if I can focus enough to work on something...

Also started thinking about Hawaii today for some reason. I did have a trip planned for early 2013. Unlike my most recent trips, it should be all recreation and no business! My mother won't be coming with me this time, but I'll be going with friends. Just can't stop thinking about all the places I want to go to eat... I guess we'd need to do the Polynesian Cultural Center again. Maybe I should look into things to do on islands other than Oahu? Guess I've never really branched out before, even when I lived there...

But... food! Everybody that visits Hawaii simply HAS TO eat at Zippy's at least once, and there's no excuse since they are EVERYWHERE. Their chili frank is still my favorite! And I'd like to return to that saimin shop I went to with my grandmother that one time... It was so amazingly good. And I guess L&L is opening more locations throughout the continental US, but it's still neat to visit them in Hawaii. Also, I think Teddy's Bigger Burgers is the place my mother and I just stumbled upon last time, which had amazingly mind-blowingly awesome burgers.

There's all that, and Japanese food, and Korean BBQ... and even McDonald's is really awesome there, with their special breakfast platters.

Hm, maybe if I do some research, I can find some even more awesome places to try out? It's been so long since my last trip, I'll have to try to make this count... 2013 still seems far away, but I was hoping to have started saving up for it just to be safe. I guess I still have time, but maybe I need work a little harder all the same.

Thinking about food before bedtime is not a great idea...



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Jun. 21st, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC)
Always wanted to visit Hawaii. Doesn't McDonalds have SpamBurgers? I'd have to eat at least one of those.
Jun. 21st, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
Hm, I'm not sure, actually! I guess I've only ever gone to McDonald's for breakfast in my trips to Hawaii... But I'm sure there's no shortage of Spam! It looks like you can at least get Spam musubi at any 7-Eleven location there. I would love to show you guys around Hawaii sometime if I could!
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