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I've seen some complaints about the eShop for Nintendo 3DS. I guess there are lot of improvements that could be made, but I just remember being wowed by what they had available. Super Mario Land! Alleyway! Free Pokedex app! 3D Excitebike! 3D E3 videos! Link's Awakening! And now, Game Boy Donkey Kong!

I know I had Super Mario Land back on my original Game Boy, but playing through it again, I wonder how far I really got in it. Everything is so weird. I found myself saying "What the heck?!" out loud every couple of minutes. Alleyway was one of the earliest games I had... its controls kind of set the standard for what I expect of every Breakout-style game like it, and usually I end up disappointed.

The Pokedex is... interesting. It's great for a free app, with 3D models of all the new Pokemon. I'm just kind of puzzled why you have to trade Pokedex entries by the give/receive mechanism rather than StreetPass or something. So collecting entries isn't quite so fun... but it does seem like fun to play with once you do have some entries in there.

Link's Awakening was one of my favorite games back in the day. Pretty much all Zelda games are great, but I was particularly fond of this one. It was one of the first games I really worked through without any cheats or hints. Well, I did write to Nintendo Power back in the day when I got stuck, but since things were done by snail mail in those days, I always figured things out before I got a response. And they actually responded!!

Playing through again, it's just as fun as I remember it, but it feels a lot more eerie and ominous somehow. Things like, "When the dream ends, the hero's life is gone" or whatever that sign said? And all the other things hinting at what becomes of the world once the Wind Fish awakens... It's kind of depressing. I guess that's what happens when you look at things in a new light, after a couple decades...

And now we have the Game Boy Donkey Kong! I remember I really wanted it and the Super Game Boy, and it was one of the few times my father drove me out to pick it up for me. It was specially enhanced for the Super Game Boy, and I'm always sad to see those features are NEVER revived in modern Nintendo systems. I guess there probably weren't a lot of games that were enhanced like this... But it kind of stings to see the Super Game Boy team listed in the credits still.

Also, it looks like I beat the game in around 5 hours. Really?? I forget how long, but I remember playing it for ages when I was a kid. I played through the whole thing on the Super Game Boy... Then, a little while later, we didn't have TV or electricity for a while, so my Game Boy was all I had to play. I remember noticing the differences playing Donkey Kong on a normal Game Boy... But I didn't have a lot to do, so I started a new file and played through from the beginning again. And now I've beaten it once again on the 3DS!

I guess it feels kind of odd that most of the games I'm enjoying on the 3DS are remakes. The Game Boy Virtual Console... and I'm looking forward to Ocarina of Time 3D... Dead or Alive is fun, but even that is sort of a summary of DOA 1-4. But the system is still new, so I guess we'll see what's in store...
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