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3DS shop

I've seen some complaints about the eShop for Nintendo 3DS. I guess there are lot of improvements that could be made, but I just remember being wowed by what they had available. Super Mario Land! Alleyway! Free Pokedex app! 3D Excitebike! 3D E3 videos! Link's Awakening! And now, Game Boy Donkey Kong!

I know I had Super Mario Land back on my original Game Boy, but playing through it again, I wonder how far I really got in it. Everything is so weird. I found myself saying "What the heck?!" out loud every couple of minutes. Alleyway was one of the earliest games I had... its controls kind of set the standard for what I expect of every Breakout-style game like it, and usually I end up disappointed.

The Pokedex is... interesting. It's great for a free app, with 3D models of all the new Pokemon. I'm just kind of puzzled why you have to trade Pokedex entries by the give/receive mechanism rather than StreetPass or something. So collecting entries isn't quite so fun... but it does seem like fun to play with once you do have some entries in there.

Link's Awakening was one of my favorite games back in the day. Pretty much all Zelda games are great, but I was particularly fond of this one. It was one of the first games I really worked through without any cheats or hints. Well, I did write to Nintendo Power back in the day when I got stuck, but since things were done by snail mail in those days, I always figured things out before I got a response. And they actually responded!!

Playing through again, it's just as fun as I remember it, but it feels a lot more eerie and ominous somehow. Things like, "When the dream ends, the hero's life is gone" or whatever that sign said? And all the other things hinting at what becomes of the world once the Wind Fish awakens... It's kind of depressing. I guess that's what happens when you look at things in a new light, after a couple decades...

And now we have the Game Boy Donkey Kong! I remember I really wanted it and the Super Game Boy, and it was one of the few times my father drove me out to pick it up for me. It was specially enhanced for the Super Game Boy, and I'm always sad to see those features are NEVER revived in modern Nintendo systems. I guess there probably weren't a lot of games that were enhanced like this... But it kind of stings to see the Super Game Boy team listed in the credits still.

Also, it looks like I beat the game in around 5 hours. Really?? I forget how long, but I remember playing it for ages when I was a kid. I played through the whole thing on the Super Game Boy... Then, a little while later, we didn't have TV or electricity for a while, so my Game Boy was all I had to play. I remember noticing the differences playing Donkey Kong on a normal Game Boy... But I didn't have a lot to do, so I started a new file and played through from the beginning again. And now I've beaten it once again on the 3DS!

I guess it feels kind of odd that most of the games I'm enjoying on the 3DS are remakes. The Game Boy Virtual Console... and I'm looking forward to Ocarina of Time 3D... Dead or Alive is fun, but even that is sort of a summary of DOA 1-4. But the system is still new, so I guess we'll see what's in store...



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Jun. 19th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
I remember the first time I heard of Super Mario Land... something about it just sounded so exciting. And when I finally laid eyes on the box art, I knew it was going to be something special. With the possible exception of Super Mario Land 2, I don't think any U.S. Mario box art has ever screamed "Excitement! Adventure!" the way that one did.

It's one of those I'd love to have a simple poster of, minus all the logos and such.

And the stuff in the game is just so unique... I wish Nintendo would remake it and significantly expand the overall scope. I also wish they hadn't essentially ignored it wholesale when Super Mario Bros.' 25th anniversary was going on.

I still need to get that one in some form, but I do have Alleyway. Picked up the GB cart for a few bucks from a local pawn shop. Cool stuff, but I'm not sure that it's worth $2.99 for a digital download.

Haven't even touched the Pokedex yet. I'll get to it! Sucks that the trading doesn't even use one of the system's most touted features, though.

Link's Awakening was my first Super Game Boy game, as I wanted something that would last. I found it the most difficult of all the pre-OoT Zeldas, as there were times when it seemed like absolutely nothing would work in dungeons. To that end, I'd often glitch my way through with the screen-scroll trick.

Never got the seashell sword, either.

I want to download the GBColor version they have up now, as soon as I've got the money. That said, the Oracles and Minish Cap remain at the top of my wish list as well; I think I just tend to prefer my Zeldas to be top-down (most of the time; still love TP). Shame there are no plans for GBA games on the 3DS VC (for now, anyway).

Donkey Kong. That's one I want to buy, less to play and more to support. Why support it if I don't want to play it? Not too long ago, maybe a year or so, I managed to buy the original cartridge (I wish I had boxes for these. Oh well), and I still have my Super Game Boy.

It's really a huge disservice to EVERYONE-- the people who made it, the people who love it, and even the people trying to sell it on the eShop now-- that the SGB features were not retained. With those, they could have charged even more for it!

It'd be nice to have on the go, but if it were fully-featured, I'd probably play it there more, too. But I want to buy it, if only to send the message to Nintendo that "we want more like THIS!" I don't hate the whole Minis thing, but ever since they took over the series, I've been less interested. C'mon, mix it up!

That was a rage-inducing game, though. At least, when I was a kid. Destroyed one of my Super NES controllers, the last boss ticked me off so bad. Strangely, I have nowhere near the same trouble with him now.

I hope to get DOA at some point. I do rather enjoy the series, even if the bosses tend to be cheap. I remember when my dad got his PlayStation 2 around launch, DOA 2 was one of the games he got with it. My friend, Wolf, and I would play it a lot at that point: I was typically Ryu (with Kasumi as my alternate), and he was... um... I forget the guy's name. Looked like one of The Hardy Boyz. Ein, was it?

Anyway, have to see how that goes, since Koei Tecmo never did get back to me about a review copy.

Never did get 4, either, come to think of it. So that's sort of a bonus.

As for other stuff on 3DS, Excitebike 3D's name is apt: I'm excited to see what the 3D is like on other 3D Classics. It has to be the biggest change of any game I've seen on there yet; but then, that's not entirely unreasonable. A shift from full 2D to complete 3D is bound to be a bigger shift than what Pilotwings or nintendogs is likely to provide.

And there will be fun new stuff coming down the line. Check out my previews of Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Kid Icarus for more on that.

...good lord, this was a long reply. I guess you hit just the right spot to trigger a thought explosion. :)

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
Jun. 20th, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)
Super Mario Land did have awesome box art! I also have my anthology of the comics somewhere (where the characters from SML all pop into the real world through some kid's Game Boy). Somehow I think I got more out of those comics than the game itself... It certainly still is a cool game, and a shame it's fallen to a forgotten part of Mario's past!

I remember I played the heck out of Super Mario Land 2, though, which felt more like a standard Mario game. But hm, come to think of it, the bunny power-up never showed up again, did it? I don't remember much except for the three little pigs boss giving me much more trouble than any other part of the game...

Man, I totally forgot about the scroll trick in Link's Awakening! I did manage to beat the game without it, though I don't know if I collected all the seashells or heart pieces. I just remember trying to fight the final boss so many times, until I finally beat it with a quarter of a heart of health left (or whatever the smallest fraction was). I didn't find out until later that you could use the feather to jump over some of its attacks...

I only ever played the original version, so having the DX version available for download was a nice bonus.

I think I feel the same way about Donkey Kong. I recognized that the Minis games were meant to be in the same vein, but they never grabbed my attention, even when I played a demo. It just didn't appeal to me as much, somehow... Playing through it again reminded me of how awesome it was, starting off with remakes of the original arcade DK stages, and ending with a link to Super Mario Bros.

It took me so many tries to beat that final boss the first time! But I was able to beat it on my first try this time around, ahaha.

The thing with DOA Dimension's condensed story mode is that it's every bit as confusing as people say it is. I can say I got the gist of it, but a lot of scenes were thrown in there that seemed to have no connection to anything. Still, it's a lot of fun! I seem to always end up using Jann Lee (the Chinese guy that's like WAH-TAHHHHH and has that flying "dragon kick" move).

And yeah, I'll check out those previews of yours! Definitely looking forward to the upcoming lineup of 3DS titles. I guess there's just a lot to talk about with the 3DS!
Jun. 20th, 2011 01:32 am (UTC)
I have a couple of those comics myself (via a big hardbound volume of various Nintendo comics), and would like to get the remainder. It was pretty weird, but I absolutely loved the characterization and such. Tatanga was such an awesome villain, and Daisy was clever, too.

If only those had been used in an actual Super Mario Land comic. Either way, it was a refreshing change from the Super Mario Bros. comics and their idiot plots.

The only problem? My parents refused to get me any of the Game Boy comics. Why? "Because you don't have a Game Boy," which they were firm about ("ruin your eyes" and all).

I got Super Mario Land 2 recently-- I think I wrote about it here! Had to buy a bundle with a GBC and a couple of other games from the Cash Converters, and I took the game and sold the rest back. Played it on my Super Game Boy, tweaking the colors as I go.

And no, the bunny ears never reappeared... though we did get some in Super Smash Bros., but they don't quite work the same way...

If I get the DX version of Link's Awakening, I'll probably need a guide. The trick no longer works, if I'm not mistaken.

DOA's story has always been out there, but I don't remember having trouble following it. Then again, I never really did get to sit down with 3 for that. I have it, just haven't played it much. That, and I think I read up on some of it online.

Forgot to mention that I dig Hitomi, too. I'm not that good at using her, though.

As for 3DS? Yes, lots to look forward to. :)

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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