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To the con!

Last weekend was A-Kon and I decided to go. It's really close by, less than an hour's drive away, so I thought it would be good to check out. It's nice that it was so close, because my budget was pretty limited... but it was still pretty fun!

It feels like a big con, but a SMALL big con. It seemed like it had less going on than Otakon, for example. There wasn't as much of a studio presence. And as busy and packed as Otakon is, A-Kon seemed even more densely packed. Like it was just a bit overgrown?

With a con like this, there is a huge elevator rush Sunday morning as everybody hurries to check out of the hotel. Here the elevators were busy like this EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was insane! With the panels, it was easy to miss out due to lack of room if you didn't show up early. I tried to attend the Funimation panel but didn't make it. The dealer's room was, again, not as big as Otakon's... the entrance and the exit were the SAME set of doors!!

I didn't do too much exploring since it was really hot. I did find Noodle Nexus nearby, which is only open during workweek lunch hours, but it was really cheap and really good. Luckily you are able to spend your entire time indoors, so I aimed for this most of the time.

I got to meet Team Ninja! The con was kinda fun but I guess not much else stood out. Perhaps the most fun I had was with my 3DS... as expected, there were a TON of people to mingle with every day. I even got to meet several people multiple times over the weekend. Very nice!

Before the con, I had finished one playthrough of Find Mii, and I had completed three puzzles in Puzzle Swap. Oh, here's a tip that's not immediately obvious... if you StreetPass someone and have a choice of getting a piece for a puzzle you already have, or getting a piece of a new puzzle, GO FOR THE NEW PUZZLE. Play coins can get you pieces for a puzzle you already have, but will NOT allow you to start on new puzzles, even after all the ones you have are completed.

Anyway... By the end of the weekend (Saturday night, actually!), I was able to complete the entire second playthrough of Find Mii. I also completely finished all four of the remaining puzzles WITHOUT using play coins. So yes, every single piece was traded from someone! Wow, that was pretty amazing. I do hope Nintendo can add to these built-in games in the future, though...

StreetPass for other games was fun, too. I met so many people in Nintendogs and got some cool gifts... But after so much StreetPass with Street Fighter 4, I've come to the conclusion that it is extremely annoying. Maybe I'd win more if I had some better figures...

Dead or Alive Dimensions, though, easily worked its way to my favorite game on the system so far. The gameplay is just simple and fun, which is well-suited for the system. SSF4 did an excellent job of emulating the console versions, but I feel doesn't work as well as DOA does on a handheld. Also, the StreetPass for this game is pretty neat! Rather than trading figures like SSF4, you actually get "throwdown" challenges where you actually fight someone.

It's a computer-controlled opponent, but supposed its AI is modeled after the person you StreetPassed? Interesting! I easily beat the ones with F and E grades, but got totally owned by this guy with an A grade. Yikes. So yeah, I had the most fun with DOA (aside from Mii Plaza) at that con...

It was kind of exhausting, having so many things to see and do, but now that I'm home, I kind of miss just being able to go out and walk around and see if I StreetPass anyone, or spot an interesting costume, or find a Mameshiba in the dealer's room. Maybe I'll try attending again sometime.
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