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Work has been aggravating. Not particularly tough, but just... really, really annoying. I would say, "If something can go wrong, it will," but it seems around this time of year, things you never even imagined could have gone wrong start going wrong.

But hey! I finally got Heroes of Might and Magic V working on Windows 7. I guess I just messed up the patches the first time I tried... It was really great to play it again, and it's still a fun game today! But watching the cutscenes, I guess it does look more dated than I remembered...

I tried checking out the official site for Might & Magic Heroes VI, and it looks like the different factions are going through even more changes. Are those all the factions they're going to have? I like the new one, but what happened to the dragons and stuff? Usually with games I'm like, "Yeah yeah, enough with the dragons already," but one of my favorite factions was the Necromancer/Necropolis with their bone dragons and ghost dragons. I mean, come on! Bone dragon!!

I guess I feel like a lot of units I used to like aren't around anymore. And I guess evolving the game keeps it fresh... but still. Did we still need tier 7 monsters if so many were getting removed? All of this Heroes stuff has made me think about going to Good Old Games for Heroes II... As much as I like V, II was one of my favorite games ever.

Man... just so tired lately. It'll be nice when summer's over.
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